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Advanced Cell Culture Under Flow –
Dynamic 3D Applications

Are you interested in...

  • … transitioning your 2D flow assay to 3D?
  • … knowing how to combine 2D (endothelial) cell monolayers with a 3D gel?
  • … learning how to culture cells on a 3D gel matrix while applying perfusion and defined shear stress?

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Cell Culture Under Flow

Webinar Outline

Cell culture assays with two-dimensional monolayers on artificial surfaces (e.g., glass coverslips) have been a well-established and convenient model for investigating cell behavior and function in many areas of cell biology, such as cardiovascular and cancer research. However, these 2D assays come with certain constraints, because they do not accurately reflect the cell-to-cell interactions and extracellular matrix in vivo. Because of these limitations, 3D cell culture models have gained more and more relevance, since they have been proven to yield more accurate insights and data about cell function, structure, and morphology. While 3D cell culture models are becoming more common in standard static cell culture assays, performing cell culture under flow experiments in 3D still remains a challenge.

In this webinar, we will present solutions that better simulate the in vivo situation in the third dimension when performing cells under flow experiments. We will discuss how to culture cells in a 3D gel, thus enabling their interaction on both the apical and the basal side. We will demonstrate how to combine 3D cell culture with dynamic perfusion by introducing the latest ibidi innovations, µ-Slide I Luer 3D and the µ-Slide III 3D Perfusion. Among other examples, we will show how an endothelial cell monolayer on a Collagen gel matrix forms a functional barrier - without artificial filters or membranes. We will also discuss how defined shear stress, using the ibidi Pump System applied over 3D cell culture not only mimics the physiological environment but also constantly delivers oxygen and nutrients throughout the duration of the experiment.

Join our webinar, if you are interested in finding innovative solutions for combining 3D cell culture, flow assays, and high-resolution microscopy.

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Elias Horn, Product Manager, ibidi GmbH

Elias studied biotechnology at the University of Applied Science, Mittweida. For more than 10 years, he has been working on the development of a wide range of slides and dishes in the ibidi Research and Development department. Since 2017, he has been part of the ibidi labware and reagents product management team.

Elias Horn, ibidi GmbH