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Moving from 2D to 3D – Advanced Tools from ibidi

Are you interested in:

  • … transitioning your 2D cell culture assays to 3D?
  • … knowing which scaffolds and vessels are required for 3D cell culture applications?
  • … learning how your research projects can benefit from cell-based assays in 3D?

If so, we cordially invite you to watch our webinar. 

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Moving from 2D to 3D

Webinar Outline

Cell culture assays with two-dimensional monolayers have been a well-established and convenient tool for investigating cell behavior and function in many areas of cell biology, such as cancer biology and stem cell research. However, these 2D assays come with certain limitations, since they do not accurately reflect the in vivo cell-to-cell interactions. Because of these limitations, 3D cell culture models have gained more and more relevance, as they have been proven to yield more accurate insights and data about cell function, structure, and morphology.

This webinar is an introduction to straightforward three-dimensional cell culture. We will discuss gel matrices and which labware is suitable for cell-based assays in 3D combined with live cell imaging. You will see experimental examples of 3D cell culture applications. Furthermore, the webinar will give you insights into the latest ibidi innovations, which facilitate the generation and long-term cultivation of spheroids and organoids in combination with high-resolution imaging.

Join our webinar, if you are interested in learning about these first steps into the world of three-dimensional cell culture.

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Elias Horn, Product Manager, ibidi GmbH

Elias Horn works as a product manager for labware and reagents at ibidi. He studied biotechnology at the University of Applied Science, Mittweida. For more than 10 years, he has been working on the development of a wide range of slides and dishes in the ibidi Research and Development department. Since 2017, he has been part of the ibidi Product Management team.

Elias Horn, Product Manager, ibidi GmbH