ibiTreat (Tissue Culture-Treated) Surface:
Excellent Cell Adhesion

ibiTreat is our most recommended surface modification, because most adherent cells grow well on it without the need for any additional coating. ibiTreat is the hydrophilic, tissue culture-treated (TC-treated) version of the ibidi Polymer Coverslip. This physical surface modification, which is comparable to the tissue culture treatment of standard cell culture vessels, makes the surface hydrophilic and adhesive to virtually all cell types. The ibiTreat surface is slightly negatively charged.

The ibiTreat surface appears in more than 20,000 peer-reviewed publications. The adhesion of cells to ibiTreat μ-Slides is even strong enough to perform flow experiments that simulate the physiological shear stress of the blood flow.

Read on and learn more details about the Uncoated or Bioinert surface.

Human primary keratinocytes on the ibiTreat ibidi Polymer Coverslip

Human primary keratinocytes on the ibiTreat ibidi Polymer Coverslip.