surfaces_bioinert_72.jpgHydrophobic, Uncoated Surface: Weak Cell Adhesion

The Uncoated surface does not permit direct cell growth without an additional coating. Therefore, it is not suitable for the standard cultivation of adherent cells. Due to its hydrophobicity, it facilitates the coating with some proteins (e.g., antibodies) or it can be used for non-adherent suspension cells. However, for cells in suspension we recommend using the Bioinert surface, which completely inhibits cell-surface interactions, even in long-term experiments. The Uncoated surface is a hydrophobic version of the ibidi Polymer Coverslip with identical optical properties.

In the ibidi Application Note Cell Culture Coating (AN 08) (PDF) you will find detailed information on how to do your own coating on µ-Slides and µ-Dishes.

Hydrophobic, uncoated surface