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µ-Slide III 3in1

µ-Slide III 3in1 View larger

A μ-Slide for switchable chemotactic gradients that merges 3 separated liquids into one channel

  • Dynamic fluidic gradients with a maximum time resolution
  • Alternating gradient fields for chemotactic cell trapping

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Product Details


  • Fluidic assays with up to three different liquids
  • Cell sorting with laser traps
  • Fluidic focusing of inner lane


Adapters Female Luer
Volume per reservoir 60 µl
Number of channels 3 in 1
Total channel volume 60 µl
Height of all channels 0.4 mm
Width of channels thin/thick 1/3 mm
Total growth area 1.23 cm²
Coating area 3.05 cm²
Distance of scale bars 1 mm
Bottom: ibidi Polymer Coverslip

Technical Features

  • 3 channels ending in 1
  • Microfluidic bi-directional gradient generator
  • Fully compatible with the ibidi Pump System and other pumps
  • The flow is always laminar
  • Contains a millimeter scale bar

Flow Setup for Switchable Chemotactic Gradients

Gradient steepness at different positions. The flow is generated by the ibidi Pump System.

Overlapping gradients for chemotactical cell trapping. Switching times of some seconds allow fast gradient switching, so that cytoskeletal dynamics can be observed using fluorescence microscopy.

Example Experiment

Supporting Material

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