Mission and Principles

mission and principles

Our Company: Serving Scientists

ibidi is a leading supplier of functional cell-based assays and advanced products for cellular microscopy. It is our mission to develop, produce, and deliver innovative technologies that enable scientists to tackle the underlying mechanisms of major illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular conditions, and autoimmune diseases.

Our Principles

At ibidi, we rely on the principles of good scientific practice in all departments of our organization. We believe that the contribution of every employee makes an essential difference to our success.

Our Commitment

We take our commitment to customers, employees, partners, investors, and the environment seriously. We operate with the highest standards of ethical behavior, efficiency, accountability, and transparency.

To Our Customers

We commit to supplying the highest quality products and service at a good value. With our innovative research tools, we enable scientists to achieve outstanding success and breakthroughs in life sciences, pharma, biotechnology, and medical diagnostics. Our goal is to provide scientists with standardized workflows that result in reproducible and truly objective scientific data, which can also be translated into therapies.

To Our Employees

We embrace a diverse, international, and respectful work culture where everyone can thrive to give their best. At ibidi, we encourage personal initiative, value loyalty, and take responsibility for each other. We believe in empowering our employees by giving them the freedom to make their own decisions and act on them. We take our social responsibility seriously by also considering the well-being of our employees when making business decisions.

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To Our Business Partners and Suppliers

We value working together with technology and science companies from all over the world. All our business relationships are based on mutual respect and accountability.

To Our Investors

We aim to maintain sustained growth and create long-term value for our investors by mindfully evaluating the allocation of resources.

To Our Society and the Environment

We take our responsibility towards society and the environment seriously. ibidi designs, develops, and manufactures the majority of its products in Germany. We comply with all the required, high legal and qualitative standards, and work to secure jobs in our community.

We continuously work on finding solutions that promote sustainability. For example, ibidi is compliant with the WEEE/RoHS Statement. Furthermore, the ibidi production team has recently switched to plastic-reduced packaging.

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