• Dish Quad

    NEW: µ-Dish 35 mm Quad

    Perform up to 4 Simultaneous Cellular Microscopy
    Assays in 1 Single Dish >>

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    Boost Your ibidi Pump System With More Fluidic Units
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  • Fuse-It-siRNA

    Now Available: Fuse-It-siRNA

    Improved siRNA Transfection

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    Culture-Insert 2 Well | 3 Well | 4 Well

    Explore the NEW Variability in Wound Healing, Migration, and Invasion Assays

  • Immunofluorescence Assays

    Immunofluorescence Assays

    ibidi Offers New 3 Well and 8 Well Removable Chamber Slides

New products

  • A 35 mm imaging dish with four compartments and the ibidi Polymer Coverslip Bottom—for simultaneous cellular assays and high end microscopy Perform up to four simultaneous, individual experiments in the subdivisions of the dish Superior phase contrast and homogeneous cell growth due to the Ph+ feature Unique ibidi Polymer Coverslip Bottom that combines...

  • A recombinant protein for fast staining and immediate analysis of F-actin in living and fixed cells Brilliant visualization of F-actin for the investigation of cytoskeletal organization and cellular dynamics Fastest staining of F-actin in living cells—get your results within minutes Non-toxic alternative to phalloidin for the staining of living and fixed...