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Launch of the annual ibidi Paper Award—a prize that recognizes early career scientists for their outstanding first or last author publications in a specific research field. This year, two postdocs and one PhD student received the ibidi Paper Award—along with 500€ each—for their scientific contributions in cancer research.


ibidi is celebrating 20 Years of Innovation with a special anniversary website and giveaway.
With the ibidi Help Desk, ibidi launches a modern support platform with chat function, ticketing system and knowledge base.


ibidi announces the launch of the ibidi µ-Patterning technology, which enables spatially defined cell adhesion for 2D and 3D cell culture applications.


ibidi moves to its own premises. The new building offers a lot more space for offices, labs, and production facilities.


The ibidi µ-Dish 35 mm, high Bioinert provides a completely new solution for all scientists who want to combine long-term culture with the high-resolution microscopy of living spheroids or suspension cells on a non-adherent surface.


ibidi expands the Removable Chambers family and also launches the µ-Slide III 3D Perfusion, a µ-Slide suitable for the long-term cultivation and perfusion of cells or tissue samples in 3D matrices.


The US headquarters, ibidi USA, Inc., is founded in Madison, Wisconsin.
ibidi also launches the µ-Slide Membrane ibiPore Flow, a µ-Slide with a porous glass membrane for transmigration experiments under static and flow conditions.


With LifeAct, ibidi releases a rapid, non-invasive and non-toxic solution for the visualization of filamentous actin (F-actin) in living and fixed eukaryotic cells.
ibidi also expands the sticky-Slides product family.


ibidi launches the Culture-Insert for wound healing and migration assays and the µ-Slide Angiogenesis for tube formation assays.


ibidi releases a new µ-Slide Chemotaxis for the optical analysis of fast or slow migrating adherent cells and non-adherent cells in 2D or 3D gel matrices.
Also that year, ibidi launches the µ-Slide I Luer family—channel slides with different heights, volumes, and coatings that are specifically suited for flow applications.


ibidi introduces the ibidi Pump System, an important tool for cancer and atherosclerosis research, and designed for the cultivation of endothelial cells under perfusion.

Additionally, ibidi launches the ibidi Stage Top Incubation System, Universal Fit, a versatile incubation system for live cell imaging on every inverted microscope.


ibidi releases the µ-Slide family, which is based on the µ-Slide I technology. The different µ-Slide designs are optimized for specific cell-based applications.


As their first product, ibidi launches the µ-Slide I, a novel invention that allows for both cell culturing and high-resolution microscopy on a single slide. The high optical quality of the µ–Slide I can be utilized for cell-based assays in research and high throughput applications.


ibidi was founded by four scientists as a spin-off from the Technical University Munich (TUM) and the Center of Nanoscience (CeNS) at the University of Munich (LMU).

Selected Partnerships

Selected Academic and Industrial Partnerships Funded by the EU, the State of Germany, and the State of Bavaria

Right from the start, ibidi has been developing its products in close collaboration with scientists in both academia and life science companies, ensuring the effective application of all ibidi products in the lab. Today, these international academic and industrial partnerships help ibidi work to overcome the substantial challenges of the fast-developing field of cell research. The EU, the German state, and the Federal State of Bavaria fund several of these joint research projects that mainly deal with research on cell-based assays, and the corresponding technical equipment (e.g., perfusion and incubation systems).

Bavarian Funding

  • InfomUT project

National German Projects

  • 3D-Bio-Net
  • ZellTherQC
  • Immunoquant
  • nanoBBB
  • Oncochip

EU Projects

  • ITN project Incem
  • ITN project OrgBio
  • Eurostars HeartChip


  • Lab-on-a-chip
  • Therapeutische Zellen

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Selected Awards

Top 10 Oncology Solution Companies in Europe 2023


For being at the forefront of providing oncology solutions and impacting the marketplace, ibidi has been recognized as one of the "Top 10 Oncology Solution Companies in Europe 2023".

bAV Award 2023

ibidi receives the German bAV Award 2023. With this award, the insurance and finance industry honors ibidi’s innovative concept of company pension plans.  

Please watch a short movie about the ibidi bAV success story here.

ibidi has been awarded the Export Award Bavaria 2021 Special Edition, in the category "Successful Order Processing in Corona Times".
Please watch a short movie about the ibidi success story here.


ibidi has been recognized as one of the "Top 10 Virology Solution Companies in Europe 2021".

ibidi has been recognized as one of Germany's top collaborative leaders: The company received the prestigious "Germany Land of Ideas 2016" award.

ibidi was a top 3 finalist of the Industry Award 2016, in the Biotechnology category, for the µ-Slide Membrane ibiPore Flow.

ibidi was a Top Winner in the 2012/13 German Economy Innovation Award Competition.

ibidi receives "BEST OF" Industry Award 2012, in the Biotechnology category, for the µ-Slide Chemotaxis

ibidi, the only German biotech company to be recognized, was listed in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2011 for being one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Germany
(2012, 2011, 2010, 2009)
ibidi has repeatedly received the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award for being one of the fastest growing high-tech companies in Germany.

In 2011, ibidi was a top 10 finalist in the "STEP Award" competition for young, growing companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


Innovative Through Research (2020, 2018, 2016, 2014):

ibidi has received multiple "Innovative Through Research" seals, awarded by the Stifterverband, which is a joint initiative of foundations and companies that promote improvements in education, science, and innovation.