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Practical Courses

Take part in one of our Practical Courses and learn more about individual cell-based assays. These 2 day courses will give a profound technical background in selected lectures. The practical part includes hands-on sessions to practice the handling of the ibidi slides and instruments for chemotaxis, flow applications, oxygen measurement, or impedance studies. All courses are intended for scientists with a profound experience in cell culture and sterile working techniques.

Cell Cultivation under Perfusion


The objective of the course is to give scientists a profound background in cell culture biology and physical basics of perfusion based assays. In the practical part endothelial cells (HUVEC) are cultured under physiological flow conditions.

Course in English language:
March 19–20, 2019 | Munich, Germany
March 26–27, 2019 | Munich, Germany

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Chemotaxis Assays and Video Microscopy


The aim of the course is to learn the experimental setup and analysis of chemotactical assays, by means of video microscopy. The focus is on analysis of chemotaxis of adherent cells in 2D and non-adherent cells in 3D gel matrices.

Course in English language:
February 12–13, 2019 | Munich, Germany
March 12–13, 2019 | Munich, Germany

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Impedance-Based Assays: Cell Migration, Barrier Function, and Cytotoxicity


Users will learn to run cellular assays using the ECIS System. This includes setting up the instrument, preparation of the electrodes, seeding cells, and data analysis. The practical part will be accompanied by theoretical sessions on ECIS basics, applications, and software.

Course in English language:

April 2–3, 2019 | Munich, Germany

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Endothelial Cell Studies Combining Shear Stress Cultivation with Impedance


Impedance measurements reveal the impact of flow conditioning on an intact cell layer over short and long time periods. The course provides background information, useful handling tips, and a profound insight into impedance measurements with the ECIS System.

Course in English language:
on request

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"Thanks for providing such a great practical course on chemotaxis assays. I have subsequently been successful in optimizing a chemotaxis protocol for THP-1 immune cells! I am sure I never would have managed to set up this experiment at all without your help."
Emily Lynes, German Centre for Neuro-degenerative Diseases, Tübingen, Germany

"Thank you very much for organizing the training course. It was very helpful. We all enjoyed the course very much and I felt I was energized after attending this training. A big special thank you for letting me rediscover the great value of the ibidi website."
Jing Zhao Garland, University of Cambridge, UK