ibidi Practical Course:
Cell Culture Under Flow

"Actually the practical course “Cell Culture Under Flow” in Munich helped me a lot to optimize my assay, especially by taking the shear rate aspects into consideration in addition to shear stress, and playing with medium viscosity to get better compromise. Very helpful, so thanks again for the coordination that allowed us to attend!"

Laurent Klein, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, Switzerland


Biological Background

Several adherent cell types are exposed to shear stress in vivo, for example endothelial cells in a blood vessel. Culturing cells in vitro under perfusion simulates this mechanical stimulus and induces a more physiological behavior.

Course Objectives

In this course, you will learn about the theory behind flow parameters and their biological relevance. In addition to planning an experiment (including shear stress calculation, choice of equipment and possible read-outs), you will also learn how to setup and operate the ibidi Pump System, as well as handle the ibidi Channel Slides, including cell culture and immunostaining. During the two-day training, our experts will give you tips and tricks that will be helpful with your own experiments.

Course Dates

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no practical courses will take place in 2020.

Target Group

The course is intended for scientists and technical associates, who have extensive experience with cell culture and sterile working techniques, and want to establish cell culture under flow experiments using the ibidi Channel Slides and the ibidi Pump System.


Day 1 – Start: 10:00 am


  • Physical background of flow assays
  • Introduction to ibidi Pump System and ibidi Channel Slides
  • Hands-on: Handling of ibidi Channel Slides
  • Setting up a flow experiment

End: ca. 5:00 pm

Lunch is included on both days.

Day 2 – Start: 9:00 am


  • Hands-on: Setup of the ibidi Pump System
  • Hands-on: Evaluation of flow experiments via cell shape analysis with ImageJ
  • Possible read-outs of flow experiments and static control

End: ca. 4:30 pm