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Enabling researchers to conduct successful research experiments and to achieve high-quality, reliable scientific results is at the heart of the ibidi mission. Our goal is to guide and support researchers through each step of the experimental workflow. This includes brainstorming for ideas, planning and setting experiments, as well as helping to analyze the data. Even if an experiment or instrument doesn't work, we are happy to assist with troubleshooting and repair requests.

The most important assets of our customer-success approach are the highly qualified and motivated people.

Let's meet the team members and their responsibilities!

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Field Application / Direct Sales Team

Our local field application specialists can answer all questions on our products, assays, and technologies. They are happy to discuss your ideas in person and help you to find the perfect method and the right tools for your experimental approach.

Charlotte Öri, M.Sc.
Germany & Austria

Michael Loser, PhD
Germany & Austria

Christiane Thanisch, PhD
Netherlands, Ireland, ECIS Europe

Theresa Metzger, B.Sc.
Canada, USA: Midwest/Northeast

Michael Brodie, B.A.

Olivia Cottrell B.Sc.
USA: West

Charles Thompson, M.Sc.
USA: Central

Jenna Rogalinski, B.Sc.
USA: South/Southeast

Main Tasks

  • Technology and product presentations (online/onsite)
  • Individual application support and troubleshooting (online/onsite)
  • Help with product-related questions
  • Instrument demos (online/onsite)
  • Sales

ibidi Academy and Inside Technical Support Team

The ibidi academy team develops and offers a range of different educational online and offline programs for ibidi customers and distributors. Contact our tech support team if you need help with an ibidi product or if you have a troubleshooting or service request.

Peggy Benisch, PhD

Jennifer Röhrl, PhD

Louise Ritter, M.Sc.

Ryan Dang

Main Tasks

  • Webinars, courses, and trainings (online/onsite)
  • Technical Support and Troubleshooting (online/phone)
  • Quote Requests

Distributor Management Team and Worldwide Network of ibidi Partners

The ibidi distribution managers support our partners worldwide with products, applications, troubleshooting, and service requests. In many countries, we are represented by distributors who are also experts on our products and solutions. If you are located in a country represented by an ibidi distributor, please reach out to your local contact.

Dajana Preuss, Dipl. Ing

Irina Hein, PhD

Main Tasks

  • Supporting ibidi distribution partners and customers worldwide with technical and application support (online/onsite)

OEM and Business Development

Our OEM & Business Development team takes care of customer-specific requests and tailored solutions. Find out more here.

Ulf Rädler, PhD

Ben Schauer, B.Sc.

Main Tasks

  • Managing and supporting OEM projects with other companies
  • Evaluation and project management of tailored ibidi solutions