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µ-Slide I

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A combination of a cell culture chamber and a coverslip for imaging inside a channel

  • Large observation area for microscopy
  • Small volume in channel
  • Long-term cultivation possible

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Product Details


  • Immunofluorescence stainings with easy liquid exchange
  • Real-time imaging during staining process
  • High resolution microscopy of living and fixed cells


Volume per reservoir 600 µl
Number of channels 1
Volume of the channel 100 µl
Height of the channel 0.4 mm
Length of the channel 50 mm
Width of the channel 5 mm
Growth area 2.5 cm2
Coating area 5.4 cm2
Bottom: ibidi Polymer Coverslip

Technical Features

Example: Seeding Cells into a µ-Slide I

Step 1:
Fill the channel with 100 µl cell suspension

Step 2:
Fill one reservoir with cell-free medium

Step 3:
Fill second reservoir with the same amount of cell-free medium to equilibrate the system

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