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µ-Slide I Luer Variety Pack

µ-Slide I Luer Variety Pack View larger

Product with ibidi Polymer Coverslip #1.5 bottom Optimized for inverted microscopy Suitable for adherent cells Suitable for immunofluorescence assays Suitable for cell culture under flow Optimized for phase contrast microscopy

Variety of µ-Slide I Luer channel slides with 4 times each channel height, specially suited for optimizing experimental conditions in flow applications

  • Large area of uniform shear stress
  • Easy connection using Luer adapters
  • Homogeneous cell distribution with defined optical pathway

For a detailed product description of the µ-Slide I Luer, please refer to the µ-Slide I Luer product page.

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Variety Pack: 4 times each channel height, 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8 mm

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