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µ-Plate 24 Well Black

µ-Plate 24 Well Black View larger

A black 24 well plate with flat and clear bottom for high throughput applications in cell-based assays

  • Ideal for cell microscopy
  • Excellent inner well flatness and whole plate flatness
  • Low well-to-well crosstalk in fluorescence microscopy

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Product Details



Length / width 127.8 / 85.5 mm
Height with / without lid 22.5 / 20.1 mm
Well-to-well distance 18.9 mm
Well clearance 1.2 mm
Single well diameter 16.3 mm
Single well depth 18.6 mm
Volume per well 1 ml
Growth area per well 1.90 cm2
Coating area per well using 1 ml 4.30 cm2
Inner well flatness ± 10 µm
Whole plate flatness ± 25 µm
Bottom: ibidi Polymer Coverslip

Technical Features

  • Standard format, and dimensions of 85.5 x 127.5 mm (meets ANSI/SLAS (SBS) Standards)
  • 24 round wells with standard numbering
  • Compatible with automation equipment
  • Excellent inner well flatness and whole plate flatness
  • Suitable for fluorescence scanners
  • High-quality plastic bottom, which is compatible with solvents for staining and fixation, and also with immersion oil
  • Sterile, single packaging

Technical Drawing

Technical drawings and details are available in the Instructions (PDF).

Supporting Material

User Comments

Ivan Bedzhov, University of Cambridge, Gurdon Institute, Cambridge, United Kingdom

“We looked for an imaging-compatible material that supports embryo attachment. This led us to establish that we can successfully grow and image mouse embryos on ibiTreat μ-Plates 24 Well and µ-Slides 8 Well from ibidi, which have optical properties similar to glass, and allow efficient blastocyst attachment. Thus, ibidi slides and plates are now an indispensable part of our in vitro culture methodology.“

Ivan Bedzhov
University of Cambridge
Gurdon Institute
United Kingdom

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