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ibidi: The Versatile Toolbox for Cell-Based Assays

Are you …

  • … interested in combining cell-based assays with high-end microscopy imaging?
  • … looking for culture vessels that combine functional design with high optical properties for excellent imaging?
  • … searching for innovative solutions for real-time assays to increase the significance of your results?

If so, we cordially invite you to watch our webinar.

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Webinar Outline

Cell-based assays, such as cell migration, tube formation, chemotaxis, and cell culture under flow, are essential experimental approaches for investigating cellular function and behavior, in vitro. Additionally, these assays help researchers to better understand the underlying mechanisms of many disorders, like cardiovascular and immunological disease, as well as cancer.

However, setting up a cell-based experiment that will result in reproducible, consistent, and significant data, remains a challenge. Most conventional cell-based assay experiments lead to endpoint, quantitative results without revealing any qualitative insights in real-time.

At ibidi, we focus on developing innovative tools that deliver quantitative, reproducible data under real-time conditions.

In this webinar, we will present an overview of ibidi’s broad and unique range of assay solutions. Be inspired by our high-quality products made for investigating cell migration, tube formation, chemotaxis, cell culture under flow, transmigration, and micropatterning. Our goal is to spark new ideas for your upcoming research projects.


Dr. Peggy Benisch, Head of the ibidi Academy

Dr. Peggy Benisch studied Biology in Bayreuth, Würzburg, and Umeå, Sweden. She received her PhD in stem cell biology at the Orthopedic Center for Musculoskeletal Research in Würzburg. In 2013, she joined ibidi as an Application Specialist for the technical support of our customers worldwide. In 2017, she became the Head of the ibidi Academy, a program for training and conducting practical courses for ibidi partners and users.

Dr. Peggy Benisch, Head of the ibidi Academy