Recorded Webinar:

New Opportunities to Generate and Automatically Quantify Functional Chemotaxis Assays

The actual chemotaxis gold standard – the Boyden chamber assay - shows a lot of shortcomings in use and practicability. To overcome these ibidi developed the µ-Slide Chemotaxis and µ-Slide Chemotaxis3D to provide high quality microscopy, linear concentration gradients, support for long-term assays, and observation of slowly migrating cells via video microscopy.

This webinar will present all aspects of the chemotaxis assay with µ-Slides Chemotaxis:

  • Cell preparation
  • Establishement of the gradient
  • Video microscopy
  • Image analysis
  • Data interpretation

Data recorded with Human fibrosarcoma cell line HT-1080 and human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) will be presented. For data analysis tracking of a large number of single cells is necessary. Special emphasis will be put on an automated solution for cell tracking in phase contrast image stacks.


Dr. Roman Zantl, ibidi GmbH

Roman Zantl received his PhD in the Biophysics institute of Prof. Erich Sackmann at the TU Munich, Germany. Together with his fellow students Dr. Valentin Kahl and Dr. Ulf Rädler he founded ibidi in 2001. Dr. Zantl is managing director and head of R&D at ibidi GmbH.

Kilian Schramm, Wimasis GmbH

Kilian Schramm studied medical engineering and technology oriented economics at the TU Munich, Germany. Parallel to his studies, he worked for nearly 3 years in the field of data analysis, evaluation and algorithms development. Since 2009, Kilian is managing director at Wimasis, a service company for the analysis of cell-based assays.