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Basics of Light Microscopy

For cell biologists around the world, microscopy is a daily business. Apart from brightfield, phase contrast, or DIC microscopy, we use widefield fluorescence or confocal microscopes for imaging immunofluorescence. We analyze fixed samples or investigate the cellular behavior under the microscope in real-time using live cell imaging.

But, have you ever wondered why it is important to use coverslips with a specific thickness to get optimal imaging results? Would you like to know the meaning of numerical aperture and working distance? Have you wondered about the difference between magnification and resolution? We’ll answer all of these questions in this webinar.

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Webinar Outline

This webinar is an introduction to the basics of microscopy. The focus is on explaining the operating principles of various light microscope techniques. It will highlight the importance of the optical properties of the labware used for imaging. Furthermore, this webinar will describe common microscopy terms and the features, in detail, of objective lenses.

All in all, this webinar will provide a basic knowledge of microscopy, in order to get the best imaging experiment results for both fixed and living samples.


Dr. Christine Janz, ibidi Application Specialist

Dr. Christine Janz received her PhD in Tumor Biology/Oncology in 2003. After graduation, she worked as an Application Specialist and Sales Manager for the microcopy companies Olympus and Roper Scientific. In 2012, she joined ibidi as an Application Specialist in technical support for our customers worldwide. Her broad expertise in microscopy is indispensable for ibidi.