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Cell Culture Under Flow: Setup and Applications

Are you interested in knowing:

  • …why it is important to apply shear stress when working with endothelial cells in vitro?
  • …what the advantages are of using an air-pressure driven pump with recirculating medium supply?
  • …which solutions are the best for long-term flow applications of adherent cells for several days or weeks?

Watch our webinar to find the answers to all of these questions.

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Cell Culture Under Flow

Webinar Outline

In vivo, endothelial cells—and some epithelial cell types—are continuously exposed to shear stress generated by fluid flow (e.g., blood or lymphatic fluid). It has been previously shown that shear stress changes the cell morphology, as well as crucial biological functions like the barrier formation of a cell monolayer. When studying these types of cells in vitro, it is essential to also cultivate them under fluid flow, in order to mimic the natural environment as closely as possible. Various types of pump systems and flow generators can be used to simulate the mechanical stimulus of shear stress.

In this webinar, we will introduce the ibidi Pump System, which enables the culture of adherent cells under various shear stress conditions and flow patterns. In combination with ibidi Channel Slides, the system can be used to address the following issues: the maintenance of vascular homeostasis, the disruption of endothelial barriers, and the regulation of the immune response. We will discuss application examples, then present solutions for studying disturbed flow, endothelial transmigration, and spheroid cultivation under perfusion.

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Please find more detailed information about the planning and implementation of cell culture under flow assays here.

Download the whole "Cell Culture Under Flow" Application Guide as a PDF here.


Dr. Peggy Benisch, Head of the ibidi Academy

Dr. Peggy Benisch studied Biology in Bayreuth, Würzburg, and Umeå, Sweden. She received her PhD in stem cell biology at the Orthopedic Center for Musculoskeletal Research in Würzburg. In 2013, she joined ibidi as an Application Specialist for the technical support of our customers worldwide. In 2017, she became the Head of ibidi Academy, a program for training and conducting practical courses for ibidi partners and users.

Dr. Peggy Benisch, Head of the ibidi Academy