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Live Cell Imaging – An Overview for Beginners

Do you want to know…

  • …which equipment is required for a live cell imaging setup?
  • …how to keep cells alive and healthy on a microscope?
  • …which imaging chambers combine excellent optics and optimal culture conditions?

Watch our webinar to find out the answers to these questions. 

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Live Cell Imaging

Webinar Outline

Live cell imaging is a widely-used microscopy technique to study the behavior and the function of living cells in real time. It is indispensable for achieving a better understanding of the biological dynamics within cells, which cannot be properly analyzed using microscopy of fixed samples. Topics that can be addressed using live cell microscopy include the study of cell migration, the analysis of cell-cell-interaction, and the monitoring of molecule localization, among others.

During the whole live cell imaging experiment, the cells need to be kept alive and healthy. Therefore, physiological conditions have to be established and maintained on the microscope. The webinar will provide an overview of the physiological requirements, the necessary equipment, and the planning of a live cell imaging experiment. We will discuss the challenges of creating and maintaining the optimal environmental conditions for long term cellular imaging. Furthermore, we will give a short introduction to our solution for live cell imaging, the ibidi Stage Top Incubation System.

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Please find more detailed information about the planning, conduction, and data analysis of live cell imaging assays here.

Download the whole "Live Cell Imaging" Application Guide as a PDF here.


Dr. Peggy Benisch, Head of the ibidi Academy

Dr. Peggy Benisch studied Biology and received her PhD in stem cell biology at the Orthopedic Center for Musculoskeletal Research in Würzburg. In 2013, she joined ibidi as an Application Specialist for the technical support of our customers worldwide. In 2017, she became the Head of the ibidi Academy, a program for training and conducting practical courses for ibidi partners and users.

Dr. Peggy Benisch, Head of the ibidi Academy