Which immersion oils are compatible with the ibidi labware products?

ibidi Glass Coverslip Bottom labware:
When using ibidi Glass Bottom products with oil immersion objectives, there is no known incompatibility with any immersion oil on the market. All types of immersion oils can be used.

ibidi Polymer Coverslip (ibiTreat, Uncoated, and protein-coated) bottom labware:
When using oil immersion objectives with the ibidi Polymer Coverslip, use only the immersion oils specified in the table below. The use of any non-recommended oil could damage the ibidi Polymer Coverslip, and the resulting leakage may harm objectives and microscope components. All immersion oils that are not listed in the table below should be considered non-compatible.

CompanyProductOrdering NumberLot NumberTest Date
ibidiibidi Immersion Oil5010116-12-2701/2017
CargilleType A1648210059201/2017
CargilleType HF162459219201/2017
Carl RothImmersion oilX899.141422033801/2017
LeicaImmersion Liquid11513859n.a.03/2011
NikonImmersion Oil F2 30cc*MXA22192n.a.01/2020
NikonSilicone Immersion Oil 30ccMXA221792019110101/2020
OlympusSilicone Immersion OilSIL300CS-30CCN419080001/2017
ZeissImmersol 518F44496016070601/2017
ZeissImmersol W 201044496910112204/2012

*Not available in the United States of America

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