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Recorded Webinar:

Cell Migration, Wound Healing, and Invasion: Performing an Assay & Quantitative Image Analysis

The wound healing assay is one of the most prominent methods to study directional cell migration in vitro. Measuring the kinematics of wound healing through migration of cells requires a cell-free gap between two cell-covered areas. The scratch assay – a typical method for producing cell-free areas – shows poor reproducibility and user-dependent effects.

In this webinar Roman Zantl introduces a new method for wound healing and migration assays based on the ibidi Culture-Insert. The Culture-Insert produces a precisely defined gap size between two cell patches for time lapse microscopy. Furthermore, Kilian Schramm will present the quantitative image analysis. With the use of Wimasis WimScratch, the wound healing images will be analyzed, evaluated and discussed. Combining both products strongly enhances reproducibility of results.

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The Wound Healing webinar will focus on the following aspects:

  • How to prepare and conduct the wound healing assay
  • Quick tips on live cell imaging of migration assays
  • Insights on automated image analysis and data interpretation


Dr. Roman Zantl, ibidi GmbH

Roman Zantl received his PhD in the Biophysics institute of Prof. Erich Sackmann at the TU Munich, Germany. Together with his fellow students Dr. Valentin Kahl and Dr. Ulf Rädler he founded ibidi in 2001. Dr. Zantl is managing director and head of R&D at ibidi GmbH.

Kilian Schramm, Wimasis GmbH

Kilian Schramm studied medical engineering and technology oriented economics at the TU Munich, Germany. Parallel to his studies, he worked for nearly 3 years in the field of data analysis, evaluation and algorithms development. Since 2009, Kilian is managing director at Wimasis, a service company for the analysis of cell-based assays.