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DIC Lid for µ-Slides

DIC Lid for µ-Slides View larger

Optimized for inverted microscopy

Special lid for use in Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) microscopy

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Product Details



Compatible with ibidi µ-Slides
Material Polymer with low birefringence

Technical Features

  • Special polymer material with low birefringence
  • Excellent DIC imaging
  • Compatible with all open well ibidi µ-Slides*

*Channel µ-Slides are not DIC-compatible

The DIC Beam Path

For excellent imaging with a differential interference contrast (DIC) microscope, all elements in the optical pathway need to be DIC-compatible. They must exhibit a low birefringence, meaning that there is only low interference with the polarized light. Just one single incompatible element in the beam path of the transmitted light would destroy the orientation of the polarized light, leading to disturbance of the DIC imaging effect. When using the ibidi µ-Slides combined with the special DIC Lids for µ-Slides, excellent DIC images can be generated.

DIC Compatibility of Different Materials


Not compatible
  • Lids of all µ-Slides, µ-Dishes and µ-Plates
  • Channel µ-Slides and Ph+ µ-Slides
  • Cell culture flasks, Petri dishes

Experimental Example

Human keratinocytes on an ibiTreat surface. Imaging with a DIC objective lens 10x.

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