Immunofluorescence With the ibidi Chambers

Chamber Slides


In the ibidi Chamber Slides, a silicone gasket with separated chambers is mounted on a standard glass slide. The ibidi Chamber Slides for immunofluorescence are ideal for the long-term storage of samples that are mounted with a glass coverslip.


For high-throughput approaches, the silicone gasket can be removed before starting the staining. This allows for the processing of several slides at once in a staining jar. As an alternative to low-throughput experiments, the silicone gasket can be left in position, allowing for separate staining in each well.


  • Ideal for long-term storage
  • High-throughput screening possible


  • No high-resolution microscopy during cell cultivation


The ibidi Chamber Slides, removable are available with 3 wells, 8 wells, and 12 wells.

Read on and learn more about how to do immunofluorescence stainings in ibidi Chambered Coverslips or Channel Slides.

Fluorescence microscopy of immunostained MCF-7 cells in the 8 Well Chamber, removable. Green: alpha-Tubulin. Red: F-actin (phalloidin). Blue: nuclei (DAPI). Widefield fluorescence images were taken with a 20x objective.