Immunofluorescence With the ibidi Chambers

Channel Slides


The ibidi channel slides are particularly suitable for immunofluorescence stainings: The geometry of the ibidi Channel Slides is ideal for the exact exchange of small medium amounts, which is necessary during immunocytochemistry stainings. In addition, the coverslip bottom of the channel µ-Slides eliminates the need for additional coverslips.


  • Meniscus-free phase contrast microscopy
  • Low volumes of reagents needed
  • Homogeneous cell and antibody distribution


  • Storage time is restricted to several weeks, because of the gas exchange through the plastic material from which the slides are made

Find more information and technical details about the coverslip bottom of the ibidi chambers here.


The µ-Slide VI 0.4 is ideal for general low-volume immunofluorescence assays.

The µ-Slide I Luer enables immunofluorescence staining in low-density cultures in the context of flow experiments.

Read on and learn more about how to do immunofluorescence stainings in ibidi Chambered Coverslips or Chamber Slides.