Immunofluorescence With the ibidi Chambers

Chambered Coverslips

Workflow Chambered Coverslips

When using chambered coverslips, such as the ibidi µ-Slides, the cell culture and the whole immunofluorescence staining protocol can be performed in the same well, without the necessity of any additional coverslips or tweezers. After mounting, the results can be observed through the coverslip bottom using high-resolution microscopy.


  • No coverslip handling
  • Parallel assays without cross-contamination


  • Storage time is restricted to several weeks, because of the gas exchange through the plastic material from which the slides are made

Find more information and technical details about the coverslip bottom of the ibidi chambers here.


The ibidi µ-Slides are available in a variety of well numbers, volumes, and geometries that fit your specific experiment.

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