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20 Facts You Don’t (Want to) Know About ibidi



ibidi is an abbreviation for integrated biodiagnostics. The aesthetics of the name’s mirror symmetry appealed very much to the company’s physicist-founders.
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Was it foreshadowing of the future? ibidi’s first surface treatment machine for their µ-slides was called:


The Happy Cell symbolizes ibidi’s connection to the scientific community, and is meant to express ibidi’s shared enthusiasm for research, along with an excitement for cells, with their customers. It is also meant to keep people in a good mood—both at ibidi and in customer labs—especially, if things (experiments) don’t go so well.

Evolution of the ibidi Happy-Cell Design (2012-2020)


ibidi bought its first production machine, a cold roll laminator, to produce their µ-slides. This machine tied up almost 10% of the total company capital at the time, and unfortunately didn't really work. Maybe this was due to the machine’s name,

because the slides all came out bent like a banana.


16. Until recently, the following songs were played in the ibidi telephone waiting line


The number of ibidi babies born since the
company was founded is 49:

38 girls and 11 boys
(as of Jan 2021)


For the following reasons, most ibidi products begin with the Greek letter "µ" (which stands for "micro"):

  • Typically, eukaryotic cells are 10-100 micrometers in diameter.
  • To visualize the cells, we offer solutions for different microscopy techniques.
  • The principle feature of ibidi µ-Slides, µ-Dishes and µ-Plates is the thin coverslip with a thickness of 180 micrometers.
  • Last but not least, our physicists-founders love to use Greek letters like "µ".



Nippon Genetics became ibidi’s first distributor back in 2002. Since then, the company has been ibidi’s trusted partner in Japan, serving customers with expertise and high-quality service.
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The following employees joined ibidi in the early days and are still with the company today.
Find out more about their role in our Who We Are Chapter.



When the ibidi team learned about a fire in the tv news, they were shocked to realize that the burning warehouse belonged to their supplier of injection molding tools and slides! In the aftermath, Valentin went looking for any surviving tools, so that ibidi could still continue producing slides.



How ibidi found its (eventual) head of operations:

In 2001, one of ibidi’s founders, Ulf, went to a local bank to open an account and was helped by an employee, Simon. A couple of months later, Ulf unexpectantly ran into Simon in a subway car, where an idea was sparked, and he immediately started telling him about a Biotech startup that he was helping to found. Ulf then mentioned they were looking for someone with accounting skills, and Simon admitted that he had recently left the bank to study economics. Upon Ulf’s suggestion, Simon agreed to meet the other founders for a student job interview. After an impressive interview at a "Schnitzel Bar", the ibidi founders realized that Simon was a perfect fit not only for the needs of the company, but also as a fun member of the team. He’s been with ibidi ever since.


The first product feedback the ibidi founders received from a potential customer was when they were presenting their new µ-slide at the Analytica 2002 trade show. A cell biologist who was visiting their booth suggested that the slides would be even better if they were available as "sterile and with coating". This feedback astonished the three physicists, because this basic point hadn’t yet crossed their minds. As a result, they took the suggestion back to their labs and created (even more useful) sterile and coated slides.

Honest and constructive feedback from customers has been appreciated at ibidi from the early days.

ibidi  Booth at Analytica




When ibidi needed an air conditioner for their first cleanroom, they found one being sold on eBay by the police station in Wolfratshausen (a Bavarian town south of Munich). At the time, this station was responsible for guarding Edmund Stoiber, the state president of Bavaria.


The ibidi Logo was developed 2002 over a time period of 15 days (and nights) by the (then freelance) graphic designer Andrea, who is now part of the ibidi marketing team. Starting with more than 100 drafts, 7 ideas were developed further to design 1 final Logo.



For many years, one of ibidi’s strictest recruitment criteria was a commitment to join the ibidi soccer squad for the annual ScieKickIn soccer tournament. (The company has long had an eye on that top prize!)


Four of the company’s first five sales representatives rarely, if ever, drove a car for work (or leisure). They travelled to customers either on foot - the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry and Neurobiology as well as the university’s biology and biochemistry departments were just around the corner—or with public transportation. Even today, there is only one company car, which is shared amongst all German-based employees. This is just one way that ibidi is helping to protect the environment.

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The first ibidi Pump System was sold to a company in the UK. ibidi’s CEO and head of R&D Roman personally finished soldering the fluidic unit in his hotel room just right before installation at the customer's site.