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Fuse-It-mRNA easy

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A fusion reagent for rapid transfection of mRNA into the cytoplasm of living cells

  • NEW: no sonication step required
  • Immediate mRNA translation—protein synthesis detectable after 15–30 minutes
  • Highly efficient and biocompatible, especially in primary cells (e.g., neurons or HUVECs) and stem cells

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infrared fluorescent

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  • mRNA translation and degradation studies
  • Protein biochemistry studies: synthesis, folding, processing, stability, localization, degradation
  • mRNA transfer into primary cells without generating genetically modified organisms (GMO)
  • Genome engineering by RNA-only CRISPR/Cas technology

Technical Features

  • Lipofection-independent transfer of mRNA into living cells
  • mRNA transfer completed within 5–20 minutes
  • No endocytosis involved
  • No lysosomal degradation needed
  • No gene transfer to the nucleus
  • Protocol optimized for the transfer of functionally capped and polyadenylated mRNA
  • No Biosafety Laboratory Level 1 or 2 necessary
  • Excellent biocompatibility with low cytotoxicity


Form Solution
Concentration 6 mM
Storage –20 °C
ExMax/EmMax 750/780 nm (infrared)

Kit Components

Fusogenic Solution (FS) 2 vials
Neutralization Buffer (NB) 2 vials

Selection Guide: When to Use Fuse-It-mRNA easy or Fuse-It-mRNA?

Fuse-It-mRNA easy Fuse-It-mRNA
Time for one transfection: ca. 20 minutes Time for one transfection: ca. 45 minutes
No sonication required due to special formulation Sonication required
High efficiency* High efficiency*

*The products use different chemical formulations. The transfection efficiency depends on the cell type and further optimization.

Membrane Fusion with Fuse-It-mRNA easy vs. Lipofection

Membrane Fusion - The Direct Way to Protein Expression:

Immediate mRNA Delivery

The Fuse-It liposomal carrier, which includes the mRNA, simply fuses with the cell membrane and then releases the mRNA directly into the cytoplasm. mRNA translation starts immediately, without the interfering processes of endocytosis, lysosomal degradation, or mitosis. Unlike classical lipoplex-based delivery methods, cells do not internalize the mRNA by endocytosis.

High Efficiency, Even in Primary Cells

Based on the charge of natural cell membranes, Fuse-It-mRNA easy liposomes are able to effectively fuse with most cell types. Cell lines, non-proliferating cells (e.g., neurons), and a broad spectrum of difficult-to-transfect primary cells can directly translate the mRNA in the cytosol. Membrane fusion with Fuse-It-mRNA easy results in fast and highly efficient protein expression with no risk of genomic integration.

Easy Handling

The Fuse-It-mRNA easy protocol is easy to use because the ratio between fusion reagent and mRNA remains constant in each experiment. The reagent can be used without restrictions because no genetically modified organisms are generated.

Extremely low Cytotoxicity

In contrast to classic lipoplex-based methods, Fuse-It-mRNA easy requires only brief incubation times—between 3 and 20 minutes for maximal nucleotide transfer rates. Furthermore, low amounts of liposomal lipids result in maximal mRNA transfer, without the need for chemical compounds for endosomal release. This feature protects sensitive cells from potential toxic effects of carrier reagents.

NOTE: Using functionally capped and polyadenylated mRNAs will achieve the best results.

Efficiency of mRNA Expression in Various Cell Types After Treatment with Fuse-It-mRNA easy

Cell Type


Incubation Time

Efficiency of mRNA Expression*

Primary Cells

nHEK, foreskin human 8 min 70–90%
Cortical neurons, embryonic (adherent) rat 10 min 40–60%
HFF human 10 min 50–70%

Cell Lines

A549 human 10 min 80–100%
CHO-K1 hamster 10 min 80–100%
Beas-2B human 8 min 80–100%
3T3 murine 8 min 80–100%
MEF wildtype murine 10 min 70–90%
HT-1080 human 10 min 80–100%
HUH-7 human 8 min 70–90%
MCF-10A human 10 min 70–90%
Rat1 rat 10 min 80–100%
THP-1 (suspension) human 3 min 70–90%

* The mRNA expression efficiency may vary, depending on further experimental factors (e.g., culture medium, cell fitness, passage number, and protocol optimization).

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