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ibidi Freezing Medium Classic

ibidi Freezing Medium Classic View larger

A cell freezing medium for standard cell lines

  • No preliminary or sequential freezing required
  • Extremely high recovery rates
  • Very competitive pricing

Product Details

Technical Features:

  • No preliminary or sequential freezing required
  • Direct freezing at -80°C, or by using liquid nitrogen
  • Tested for sterility, endotoxins, mycoplasma, fungi, and bacteria
  • Serum-free – contains Bovine Serum Albumin


Application Area Standard cell lines
High Throughput No
Serum Replacement Bovine Serum Albumin
Appearance Optically clear
Storage of product 4 °C

High Recovery Rate 12 Months After Freezing:

Before freezing

ibidi Freezing Medium Classic

Three different cell lines before freezing and 12 months after. The cells were stored at -80°C.

Very Effective Cryoprotection Shown in Selected Cell Tests:

Survival rate

P3U1 (mouse
myeloma cell line)

K526 (human
leukemia cell line)

(mouse hybridoma)

Human gastric
epithelial cells

ibidi Freezing Medium Classic 95 % 73 % 100 % 100 %
Serum Medium 95 % 70 % 100 % 62 %
Serum-free Medium 70 % 60 % 92 % 56 %
Storage period 1 year 1 year 1 year 10 months

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