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Chamber Slides for Immunofluorescence


ibidi also provides the easiest and most convenient solution for removable culture wells. These products contain a silicone gasket with chambers for individual cell culture and incubation conditions. The ibidi micro-Insert 4 Well enables the use of extremely small volumes of medium and cell numbers for cell cultivation. The ibidi chamber slides for immunofluorescence, e.g., the 12 Well Chamber, removable, are ideal for long-term storage of samples prepared using the classical “glass slide with mounted coverslip” technique.

Please refer to the overview table for technical details for these products.

Using the Chamber Slides for Immunofluorescence

The technique employed to use the immunofluorescence chamber slides is similar to the standard method. The cells are cultured in the wells of the 3 Well, 8 Well, or 12 Well Chamber’s silicone gasket. For immunofluorescence staining, the user can then employ any one of the protocols shown in the diagram below.


Advantages of Removable Chamber Slides

  • The micro-Insert 4 Well and micro-Insert 4 Well FulTrac require extremely small volumes of reagents and small numbers of cells for cultivation and staining
  • The immunofluorescence chamber slides are idealfor long-term storage of samples
  • The immunofluorescence chamber slides allow the user to perform up to 12 parallel tests on one slide
  • The immunofluorescence chamber slides combine a large growth area with a small staining volume (especially the 3 Well Chamber, removable)
  • All products are sterile and ready to use

Limitations of Removable Chambers

  • The large wells of the chamber slides require high numbers of cells for cultivation and staining. To overcome this, ibidi developed a special low volume staining procedure in the 3 Well Chamber, removable.

Find detailed immunofluorescence protocols using removable chambers in the ibidi Application Notes:

AN 49: Fluorescence Staining using a 12 Well Chamber, removable (PDF)
AN 50: Fluorescence Staining using a 3 Well Chamber, removable (PDF)