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µ-Slide 8 Well high Family

A chambered coverslip with 8 individual wells and high walls for cell culture, immunofluorescence, and high-end microscopy


µ-Patterned Slides

Slides with a micropatterned surface for single-cell or multi-cell assays with high-resolution microscopy readout

µ-Slides Bioinert

Slides with a non-adherent surface for spheroids, organoids, and suspension cells for fluorescence microscopy and flow experiments

µ-Slide I Luer 3D

A µ-Slide with one channel and three wells for culturing cells on a 3D gel matrix with defined flow

µ-Slide Spheroid Perfusion

A perfusable channel µ-Slide with 3 x 7 wells for long-term spheroid and organoid cultivation and high-end microscopy

FastTrack AI Image Analysis

An AI-based automated image analysis solution for chemotaxis assays

* This offer is valid until December 31, 2021, or while supplies last.