ibidi Online Courses

ibidi Online Course:
Setup and Analysis of Chemotaxis Assays

Course Objectives

The aim of this online course is to instruct participants in the experimental setup and analysis of 2D and 3D chemotaxis assays with the ibidi µ-Slide Chemotaxis.

You will learn how to conduct a chemotaxis experiment from start to finish, including the handling of the slide, 3D gel preparation, live cell imaging, single cell tracking, and data analysis. Also, characteristic parameters of directed and undirected cell migration will be evaluated.

In addition to theory, we will include practical hands-on sessions on slide handling and single cell tracking.

You will also have the opportunity to interact with the ibidi experts to learn tips and tricks that can help you with your own experiments.



There is no online course scheduled at the moment. Please visit again later.

Requirements for participating in the course:

  • computer or laptop with computer mouse (no mobile device)
  • web camera and microphone
  • pipets (20 µl and 200 µl)

To prepare for the pipetting session, you will receive a package with µ-Slides Chemotaxis, pipet tips, and food coloring in advance of the course date.

Target Group

The course is intended for scientists and technical associates who have experience with cell culture and sterile working techniques, and who want to establish chemotaxis experiments with the ibidi µ-Slide Chemotaxis.


Day 1 – Start: 11:00 am CET


  • Introduction to chemotaxis and cell migration
  • Hands-on: Handling of the µ-Slide Chemotaxis
  • Setup of a chemotaxis experiment in 2D and 3D in the lab: Tips & Tricks
  • Live cell imaging

End: 3:00 pm CET (breaks included)

Day 2 – Start: 11:00 am CET


  • Evaluation and analysis of chemotaxis assays
  • Hands-on: Manual Single Cell Tracking and Data Analysis
  • Sample experiments and experimental optimization

End: 3:00 pm CET (breaks included)