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ibidi Social

If you ask the ibidi employees what they like most about their jobs, the first thing a majority will probably answer is, “The great work atmosphere and good relationship with my colleagues”. It comes as no surprise that many ibidi employees also spend a significant amount of their free time after work with their colleagues. In summer, they often meet after hours for a barbecue on the roof-top terrace or they relax together at a nearby river.

Also, there are official ibidi events that bring all employees of the company together for a fun day out or to participate in sports activities.
In the past, there have been skiing and sledding trips in the winter, or rafting and hiking excursions in the summer.

Since 2014, ibidi has also registered its own running team at the B2Run—a 6-kilometer, company running competition with more than 30,000 participants from 1500 Munich-area businesses.

In 2019, ibidi participated in the "City Cycling" competition—a nationwide event that involves completing as many daily journeys as possible using the bike over a 21-day period.

For many years, ibidi has participated in the ScieKickIn soccer tournament. ScieKickIn stands for “Science Kicks with Industry” and is organized by some Life Sciences students in Munich. The event brings together teams from academia, research institutions, and the biotech industry, and aims to promote interactions between students and life science professionals.

Finally, the ibidi Christmas party marks the end of the company festivities each year, and is a great opportunity to muse over events of the past 12 months (sometimes narrated by Roman dressed as "St. Nikolaus").

For a company located near Munich, going to Octoberfest in early Fall is, of course, an essential highlight that is especially enjoyed by our US colleagues.