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Szymon Wyrwicki
Animalab Sp. z o.o., Poland

Dr. Martin Hermann
Medical University Innsbruck, Austria

Translated from German:

Dear ibidi Team,

You know that I am a big fan of ibidi! I also recommend you to everyone. Your products are A1; moreover, so are all of you. Without you, something very essential would be missing: the human element.

In the end, it's about us as human beings; that we understand ourselves better, integrate ourselves into our surroundings, and if possible, do it without harming others or the environment. That's why personal contact is so important, no matter in which times. It makes a difference, gives us joy, and makes us laugh.


Twenty years in a fast-growing and rapidly changing field is a long time. When you meet people who work in such a company and radiate joy, then that is a good sign for the next 20 years!

That's why I congratulate ibidi on its 20th anniversary and wish it all the best for the next 20 years!

Greetings from Innsbruck, Martin

Prof. Dr. Robert Szulcek
Professor of Physiology, Department of Physiology at the Charité, Medical University, Berlin, Germany

Translated from German:

20 years of ibidi! — Service, Science, Innovation

July 2009, first ECIS Research Meeting in Regensburg, Germany—the first conference in my still very young scientific career. This was the first contact with ibidi, as well as with the products for impedance-based cell characterization, fluid shear stress application, and immunofluorescence microscopy, which are firmly associated with this name.

My most vivid memory of that first meeting is the special way service is defined at ibidi—ibidi, a company who not only represents the highest quality and innovation being "Made in Germany", but ibidi, who has succeeded in creating a community with the researchers listening to, and specifically responding to, the needs of their customers. How many companies do you know where the sales reps know the research focus of all customers, and actively contribute to the scientific discourse at conferences? For many long-term users, one name in particular is representative of the special ibidi service and that is Ulf Rädler, who has been carrying the company name and the product portfolio into the world as a tireless lone fighter from the very beginning. Over the course of time, some names have been added and the company has grown. However, ibidi has always remained true to its claim of service and quality.

Whether as an exhibitor, sponsor, or speaker, ibidi has become a permanent fixture in my seminar and conference calendar, and the company website is one of my first stops, when planning projects, as a resource for optimizing experiments, or just to check out what new extraordinary slides and applications are available.

Dear ibidi team, thank you for finding simple solutions for complex applications with your products, and for advancing science with your service.

Here's to the next 20 years!

Prof. Dr. Robert Szulcek

PD Dr. Simone Bergmann
Institute of Microbiology, Technical University Braunschweig, Germany

Translated from German:

I would like to send the ibidi team my sincere congratulations on the company's 20th anniversary!

The comparatively young company continues to impress with innovative developments of complex and, at the same time, practical cell culture systems. Above all, I would like to point out the very valuable and solution-oriented technical advice from the ibidi team, for example, they established a global network that makes exchanges between users regarding ibidi applications possible.

All of this contributes significantly to the success of complex cell culture projects. My wish for the company is that it endures the challenges of these times, and that it continues to set global standards in cell culture technology with its proven competent and reliable team.

Prof. Henning Morawietz, PhD
FAHA, Professor & Chief, Division of Vascular Endothelium and Microcirculation, TU Dresden

Congratulations to the whole ibidi team for the 20th anniversary of your company!

Since I started working on the development of models for the flow-dependent culture of endothelial cells in the mid-90s, the cooperation with the colleagues from ibidi was from the very beginning based on mutual sympathy and appreciation. In the beginning of last year I even learned at the excellent International Cell Culture Under Flow Meeting organized by ibidi in Munich, that one of its founders, Ulf Rädler, went to the same high school and studied at the same university in Halle :-). The whole team is very committed and enthusiastic about their work.

I would like to highlight the very good support of all colleagues in scientific questions, on congresses and in method courses. I would like to thank, also on behalf of my colleagues, Charlotte Oeri and the whole team for the very good service. I am especially grateful that ibidi supported our 1st ESM/EVBO Summer School 2018 in Dresden with a very good method course. You find some impressions below.

Impressions from the 1st ESM/EVBO
Summer School 2018 in Dresden with ibidi

In this course, early-career scientists from all over Europe learned more about the innovative methods of ibidi to culture cells under flow conditions. We plan to continue this excellent collaboration also in future ESM/EVBO Summer Schools in Europe.

I am looking forward to our future collaboration also in new projects. I wish the whole team all the best! I hope that even under the currently difficult conditions for big celebrations a joint look with a well-chilled drink from the upper floor of the new company building in the surely successful future will be possible.

Best regards from Dresden,
Henning Morawietz

Fabio Stossi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Technical Director, Integrated Microscopy Core, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA

As Technical Director of a high-volume core facility, I help users from virtually every field of medicine in their experimental needs, which cover various imaging techniques, from brightfield to super-resolution microscopy. ibidi products line affords us with the versatility needed to tackle our researchers’ imaging needs, from the simplest to the more complex, providing excellent, and quantifiable, images for grants and publications.

David Drell
Co-Founder/CEO MetaVi Labs Inc., Austin, Texas, USA

I first met Roman and ibidi in the year 2013. Since he was wearing the same exact pair of ic!-berlin glasses I had just been wearing the week before, I knew we would become friends. Since then, I have known many of the people of ibidi and never before I have had so much fun in a business partnership. The people of ibidi are joined by a common drive for innovation and enjoyment of their work. Together we have a common love of inventing new tools to help biologists solve problems. ibidi has been one of the most rewarding partnerships of my career.

Find out more about the MetaVi Labs and ibidi’s partnership here.

Dr. Peter Zobel
Managing Director, Innovation- and Start-Up Center Biotechnology (IZB), Martinsried, Germany

Translated from German:

ibidi was an extraordinary spin-off from the TU and LMU (that alone is remarkable), which I remember very fondly. It all started in a snowy November in 2006. Although Dr. Kahl had informed the telephone provider months before that ibidi was moving, the telephone and fax did not work! So, in the biggest snowstorm in January 2007, we watched an excavator in front of the central building of the IZB lay a line for ibidi into the IZB! A great start! Dr. Zantl and Dr. Kahl were the first physicists to found a start-up in the IZB. The growth of ibidi was rewarded several times, and was... annoying! But only because there was (is) always a lack of space at the IZB. The Bavarian Zantl and the Kölner Kahl were always extremely nice conversation and contract partners. Thank you very much for that!

Mr. Kahl let himself be persuaded by me in the following years to join the KITA BIOREGIO e.V. board. I was always very grateful for his work with IZB daycare!

I was most amused by the always cold beer (a barrel of Augustiner in a converted refrigerator in the entrance area), which I drank far too rarely with the two.

My best wishes continue to accompany ibidi after their move from the IZB to a neighboring industrial park! Remember, you are always welcome at the FacultyClub G2B!

Your previous landlord,
Peter Zobel

Stefan Duhr


Philipp Baaske

NanoTemper Technologies, Munich, Germany

You have always been role models for founders at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. We have the honor of having started the NanoTemper venture in the same rooms in the university’s basement where ibidi took off. Beside our common roots in sparse daylight, we like to exchange with you guys about business experiences and how to advance the start-ups in the Biotech arena.

Hats off to your achievements! On many more successful years to follow!

Stefan & Philipp

Kazunori Sato
Director of Marketing and Business Development, Nippon Genetics Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Dear Team ibidi,

Congratulation on the 20-year anniversary of your founding. I still remember the time I met Roman, Valentin, and Ulf, which was in 2002 at Analyica. We have been working together since then. Now, ibidi is staying on top as a cell biology technology company. We believe that your hard work, dedication, and determination got you here in 20 years, and we also know the teamwork and excellent customer service will keep you growing in the industry. Again, congratulations!! Wishing you continued success in the years ahead!!

Kazunori Sato

Millie Chang
Managing Director/Owner


Bowen Cheng,
Product Manager

Blossom Biotechnologies, Taipei, Taiwan

Since the day we built a relationship more than a decade ago, ibidi has always been one of our best partners in every way.

The prompt and helpful technical support, the flexible sharing of marketing ideas, and the continuous innovative development of products and services keep bringing us to whole new heights of success in all these years.

Congratulations to you on this very huge event. Happy 20th anniversary!

ByungChil Lee (John)
CEO/Owner, LeeBaeg Science, Daejeon, South Korea

Congratulations on ibidi’s 20th anniversary!

It reminds me of my first partner training in Germany with Roman, Valentin, Ulf, and Simon many years ago. I take pride in ibidi’s success and triumphs over the past decades. May the journey of your success continue, even in the coming decades!

I would like to thank every individual at ibidi. You have been very supportive and responsive. Your dedication and passion for your work make ibidi who ibidi is.

John from Korea

Daniel Hsu
Managing Director/Owner


Chi Leung So
Business Development Manager

PTC International Limited, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The partnership between our company PTC and ibidi started with an email seeking a business opportunity, and a reply call from ibidi in 2003.

In the last seventeen years, we are proud to be ibidi’s distributor in Hong Kong and Macau, and it is our privilege to witness the growth of ibidi, not only in sales, advancing technology, and innovation, but also their commitment to customers and partners.

We equally enjoy and treasure the friendship rooted in both companies, and look forward to partnering with ibidi for the coming decades.

Wilfried Gay, PhD
Scientific Manager, CliniSciences and Biovalley, Nanterre, France

During decades of high-throughput partnership, we lived with ibidi, we cultured a strong confidence, overcame microscopic issues by communicating through our cell phones, migrated to your office for a 3D brainstorm, and managed to slide to a fluorescent success for our combined image in the short-term.

Marius Kleger
Managing Director/Owner, Vitaris Ltd., Baar, Switzerland

Translated from German:

ibidi GmbH – 20 years of success

Congratulation on Your Company Anniversary

Dear ibidi Team,

Despite the difficult market, they continue to exist: companies that distinguish themselves through a high level of expertise and quality, and that align their strengths with the major market trends. This success is based on a foundation of many years of cooperation, along with fertile synergies that have particularly proven their culture. As the long-standing distribution partner for Switzerland, we can look back on 15 years of success together. It pleases us to see that the company philosophy, founded by four scientists in 2001, is still very much in force. The many years of collaboration were always marked by mutual respect, a helping hand in difficult times, and sincerity. We are utterly delighted about your 20-year company anniversary, which is owed to your historic level of performance, and we would like to warmly congratulate the entire ibidi team at this time. In particular, we would like to emphasize our thanks and appreciation for the years of fruitful cooperation through which we were able to share in this success.

All the best for the future and for a continued congenial and prosperous collaboration!

On behalf of the entire VITARIS team, with kind regards,
Marius Kleger

Serge Lowagie
CEO/Owner, Proxylab sprl., Beloeil, Belgium

When I first met Ulf (one of ibidi’s co-founders) 14 years ago, ibidi was in its infancy and so was my company Proxylab. We started playing and growing together, always focusing on cell culture and microscopy, and it’s been challenging, and it’s been fun. Today we both enter our twenties. What a nice age full of hope and possibilities. I wish ibidi a brilliant future!

Bárbara García-López Balint
Life Sciences Product Manager


Pilar Sariñena
Business Development Director

Inycom, Zaragoza, Spain

ibidi and Inycom, Hand in Hand Since 2004

Inycom, a company in constant growth, adapts to the needs of our market by offering personalized solutions to each of our clients. This vision and way of working is reflected in the companies we represent, many of which have been with us for more than a decade, like ibidi GmbH. Throughout the years, ibidi has collaborated with us to support our clients, helping them to achieve success in their research, thus improving people's lives.

In its 20 years of history, ibidi has launched various families of products—starting with culture plates and continuing with reagents, instruments, and cell lines—each one oriented to specific applications and responding to customer needs. What is common to all of them is innovation and quality, which are key points for a company that is committed to continuous improvement.

Inycom, sharing the ibidi philosophy, continues to grow by expanding our R&D and i3 departments, developing our own products, and offering new solutions and services. All of this is possible with great allies like ibidi.

Cristina Teves
Product Manager, Enzifarma, Lisboa, Portugal

Enzifarma is a company based in Portugal that supplies full solutions for cell culture labs. During several years, we had a lack in our portfolio of products for the microscopy field.
We also have a particular way of working, and ibidi was a perfect fit as a business partner.

What does ibidi represent to us?
For us, ibidi represents innovation, quality, commitment, and one important value: customers first.
Also, it’s a well-organized, inspiring team with a good working environment, always happy to help, and with simple solutions.
It is a perfect match for us! No need to adapt or reinvent procedures.

For Enzifarma, ibidi is not just focused on cells, it´s also focused on the partners! We feel appreciated, well trained, and confident in the products.
We hope to fulfill all expectations from ibidi, and to continue a wonderful journey all together, focusing on cells in Portugal!

Happy Anniversary! For these 20 years, and best wishes for the next 20!

Szymon Wyrwicki
CEO, Animalab Sp. z o.o., Poznań, Poland

Dear Mr. Zantl and Mr. Kahl,

On behalf of the Management Board and employees of Animalab Sp. z o.o., it is an immense pleasure to congratulate you on the 20th anniversary of ibidi GmbH.
I would like to give my appreciation to everyone involved in the success of your company, and thank you for the perfect cooperation during the last years. I would like to express my best wishes for the continued successful development of your company. I am deeply convinced that with such great employees, the company will achieve even more ambitious goals.

Szymon Wyrwicki