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Application Notes

Cell Culture Coating (AN 08)
Making your own coating on µ-slides

Trypsination in µ-Channels (AN 06)
Removing adherently grown cells from a µ-channel after cultivation

Co-Cultivation (AN 10)
Application note for co-cultivation of two different cell types in µ-Slide 2 Well Co-Culture

Cultivation of Macrophages (AN 20)
Cultivation protocol for a murine macrophage cell line in µ-Slide VI0.4 and µ-Slide 8 well

Collagen I Gel for 3D Cell Culture (AN 26)
Fabrication protocols for collagen I gel (bovine and rat tail) with different cell media

Generation of Spheroids (AN 32)
Generation of spheroids using the liquid overlay technique

Live / Dead Staining with FDA and PI (AN 33)
Viability staining of adherent cells, single cells embedded in extracellular matrix, and cellular clusters

Western Blot Analysis with Cell Samples Grown in Channel-µ-Slides (AN 38)
Detailed protocol for performing cell lysis in channel-µ-Slides and subsequent SDS-Page with Western Blot Analysis

Gene Expression Profiling with Cell Samples Grown in Channel-µ-Slides (AN 40)
Detailed protocol for performing cell lysis in channel-µ-Slides and subsequent RNA-Isolation with RT-qPCR Analysis


Cell Proliferation Assay in µ-Slide Angiogenesis (AN 39)
A Detailed Protocol for Analyzing the Cell Proliferation Using MDCK Cells for the Example

Electrical Stimulation of Cardiomyocytes in µ-Slide I Luer Electrode (AN 47)
Typical parameters for the stimulation of cardiomyocytes using the µ-Slide I Luer Electrode as well as a seeding protocol for the cells

Avoiding Evaporation (AN 12)
Decreasing evaporation during cell cultivation by using the ibidi humidifying chamber Olaf and µ-Slides

Gradients Inside µ-Slide I (AN 01)
Establishing a concentration profile

Lipid Monolayer (AN 04)
Description of the uncomplicated and fast preparation of a lipid monolayer on uncoated slides

Pixel Size (AN 22)
Measuring and calculating the pixel size of microscopic images