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• Analytics of living cells (Size: 1 Billion US$)
• Diagnostics of living cells (Size: 9 Billion US$)


• Cell-Based Assays
• Cell Biochips (Labware)
• Instruments


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ISO 9001, ISO 13485
Dr. Roman Zantl
Dr. Valentin Kahl


• Germany Land of Ideas (2016)
• Industriepreis (2016, 2012)
• Innovationspreis der Deutschen Wirtschaft 2013
• Fast 50 (2012, 2011, 2010, 2009)
• Step award Finalist 2011
• Innovationswettbewerb zur Förderung der Medizintechnik 2007

Company Overview

ibidi is a leading supplier for functional cell-based assays and advanced products for cellular microscopy. ibidi is located in Gräfelfing, Germany, close to Munich, and the US headquarters, ibidi USA Inc., is located in Fitchburg, Wisconsin.

Our Mission

The cell is the basic unit of biological organisms, including humans. Our technologies support researchers in the fields of biology, medicine, and pharmaceutics, allowing them to push their knowledge forward in the field of living cells. The increasing know how of cell function and design enables researchers to understand the mechanisms of illnesses, such as cancer and atherosclerosis, and therefore develop drugs in a targeted way.

Our mission is to enable our customers to achieve outstanding success and breakthroughs in life sciences, pharma, biotechnology and medical diagnostics. We thereby are helping to make improvements in life possible.

Our commitment to the markets and clients we serve drives our innovation and leadership in all areas where our assay technologies are required. Our customers are seen as partners whose invaluable feedback has a strong influence on our development of new solutions for their needs and problems.

New product development at ibidi is handled by a close knit team of physicists, biologists and engineers. The exceptional talent, skill, and passion of our employees continue to be the key to ibidi’s excellence and success.

The ibidi Brand

ibidi’s position as a global leader for cell-based assay technologies is based on more than 17 years of experience. The ibidi spirit of innovation, passion for quality and service, and a strong relationship to our customers drives us to be at the forefront of microscopy-based research.

Today, ibidi is present in more than 40 countries worldwide and supports over 40,000 customers; thus allowing them to achieve successes and breakthroughs in areas of scientific research, biological laboratories, and in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

The impact of ibidi products is reflected in over 10,000 peer reviewed publications since 2005. Consequently, ibidi makes a significant contribution to the global application of science to real-life problems, making improvements in medicine and health care possible.