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FAQ: Live Cell Imaging

Is the ibidi Heating & Incubation System compatible with every type of microscope?

The ibidi Heating & Incubation System, Universal Fit, is compatible with any inverted microscope that has a stage or a frame for multi-well plates, such as 96-well plates. The outer dimensions of this ibidi Heating System and a 96-well plate are identical.

Additionally, ibidi has developed a customized heating system for the Nikon Ti-S-E and Ti-S-ER Motorized Stage which holds multi-well plates. Thus, the system permits the user to control the temperature of samples held in multi-well plates.

Is it possible to incubate multi-well plates?

ibidi has developed a customized heating system for the Nikon Ti-S-E and Ti-S-ER Motorized Stage which holds multi-well plates. Thus, the system permits the user to control the temperature of samples held in multi-well plates.

If you would like further information on adapting your current heating system, please contact us.

Does the heated lid of the ibidi Heating & Incubation System affect resolution?

No. There is no reported effect on the optical pathway, because the heated lid in the ibidi Heating & Incubation System is made of glass. So, the resolution remains unchanged. In theory, there is a small percentage of intensity loss during light transmission, but this is not a problem for transmitted light. When working with fluorescence microscopy, the lid is not inside the optical pathway.

Can you recommend a good stage warmer that would not lessen the quality of imaging?

We developed the ibidi Heating & Incubation Systems exactly for this purpose. They work like small stage top incubators, which are made for live cell imaging.

Can ibidi Heating Systems be combined with gas incubation?

The ibidi Heating & Incubation Systems are designed for use in combination with ibidi gas incubation. For this purpose, there are two openings in the heated lid, one for the gas inlet and the other for the humidity sensor. This allows not only temperature, but also the CO2 concentration and the humidity to be controlled. All ibidi temperature chambers are upgradeable for gas incubation.

Is oil-immersion microscopy possible with the ibidi Heating System?

Yes, the ibidi Heating & Incubation System does not add any obstacle between the sample and the objective lens. This is due to the opening.

Is the stability of the focal plane, when affected by temperature variations, sufficient for high resolution and confocal microscopy?

Yes. To precisely stabilize the focal plane, you need to maintain a temperature with an accuracy of 0.1°C minimum. The ibidi Temperature Controller has the capability to maintain temperature stability of ± 0.05 °C.

Can I be sure that the temperature indicated on the controller is the same as in the immediate vicinity of the cells?

Not 100%. Technically, it is not possible for us to place a sensor close to the cell position. Therefore, the measured temperature is the temperature of the metal base plate, or the heated lid respectively. To make sure that your cells are at the desired temperature, we recommend calibrating the system each time you change your setup. Temperature changes can occur when you exchange the type of sample holder (e.g., from µ-Dish to µ-Slide 8 Well), or when switching microscopes. To calibrate the system, you can use the thermometer that was provided for the sensor and which is placed in the sample well.

Which immersion oils are compatible with ibidi products?

For ibidi Glass Bottom products:

When using ibidi Glass Bottom products with oil immersion objectives, there is no known incompatibility with any immersion oil on the market. All types of immersion oils can be used.

For ibidi Polymer Coverslip (ibiTreat, uncoated, and protein-coated):

When using oil immersion objectives with the ibidi Polymer Coverslip, use only the immersion oils specified in the table below. The use of any non–recommended oil could damage the ibidi Polymer Coverslip. The resulting leakage may harm objectives and microscope components. All immersion oils that are not listed in the table below should be considered as non-compatible.

Company Product Ordering Number Lot Number Test Date
ibidi ibidi Immersion Oil 50101 16-12-27 01/2017
Zeiss Immersol 518F 444960 160706 01/2017
Zeiss Immersol W 2010 444969 101122 04/2012
Leica Immersion Liquid 11513859 n.a. 03/2011
Cargille Type A 16482 100592 01/2017
Cargille Type HF 16245 92192 01/2017
Olympus Silicone Immersion Oil SIL300CS-30CC N4190800 01/2017
Carl Roth Immersion oil X899.1 414220338 01/2017

Which hardware autofocus systems are compatible with the ibidi µ-Dishes and µ-Slides?

Due to the standard refractive index of nD=1.52, the ibidi Standard Bottom is considered to be compatible with all hardware auto-focus systems working with near IR LED or laser light. A selection of hardware auto focus systems were extensively tested by ibidi.

Company System Test Date Result
Leica Adaptive Focus Control (AFC) 2010 02/2017 No incompatibilities with ibidi labware products
Nikon Perfect Focus System 3 (PFS3) 2012 05/2015 No incompatibilities with ibidi labware products

Note: Channel µ-Slides might give two optical interface signals—one from the coverslip bottom and one on the ceiling of the channel.