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Actin Dynamics Under Flow

By combining the ibidi channel slides µ-Slide I Luer and µ-Slide VI 0.4 and the ibidi Pump System with ibidi’s LifeAct technology, the F-actin cytoskeleton can be visualized in cells under shear stress conditions.

The ibidi perfusion chambers are ideally suited for applying different physiological shear stress conditions to a layer of endothelial cells (e.g., HUVEC). For cytoskeletal F-actin visualization, the ibidi marker LifeAct is the best choice, since it does not interfere with cytoskeletal dynamics. To date, it is the shortest actin marker for living cells available and it has a low binding affinity to F-actin. Although it is high enough to label F-actin very specifically, LifeAct does not disturb actin kinetics. Because of this, actin’s functionality in cellular processes remains unrestricted. So, by using LifeAct for the visualization of the actin cytoskeleton, researchers achieve the most authentic results. LifeAct is available as a plasmid for transfection or a vector for viral transduction.

For long-term cell cultivation and applying physiological shear stress to a cell layer, the ibidi Pump System is an excellent choice. It enables you to apply different flow rates, depending on the application and the cell type. The system is fully compatible with live cell imaging and high resolution fluorescence microscopy. Optionally, the cells can be fixed directly in the channel of a µ-Slide I Luer for further immunofluorescence stainings with antibodies.


Actin Cytoskeleton Under Flow