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Fusogenic Liposomes: A Highly Beneficial Mechanism for Transferring RNA Molecules into Mammalian Cells

Are you working with difficult-to-transfect cells? Do you need a non-toxic nucleic acid transfer method for primary cells (e.g., neurons or HUVEC) or stem cells? Would you like to achieve highly efficient protein synthesis in your cells?

Then, join our free online webinar to learn more about the transfection of RNA and other molecules into mammalian cells. Bernd Hoffmann, the leading expert on membrane fusion for direct molecule transfer into the cell’s cytoplasm, will give practical tips and answer all your questions.

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eGFP-mRNA expression in primary cortical neurons after treatment with Fuse-It-mRNA

Webinar Outline:

The incorporation of nucleic acids into living cells is one of the most important hallmarks in modern cell biology. It provides the mandatory basis for all kinds of biotechnological, biomedical, and basic research activities. However, classical incorporation methods either depend on viral systems with clearly limited applicability and high costs, or they might lead to immense cellular stress levels, which most often interfere with the natural behavior of mammalian cells.

This webinar will discuss the restrictions of common incorporation systems and then focus on newly developed liposomal-based fusion carriers. These offer a highly beneficial and mild transfer system for RNA molecules and various other particles (e.g., proteins, beads, or dyes) directly into the cytoplasm of cells. Functional principles, experimental procedure, universal applicability, efficiency, and biocompatibility will be critically discussed in continuous comparison with existing methods. Practical tips, support in experimental design, and simple optimization aspects will be provided in order to enable researchers to finally receive the most meaningful data after nucleic acid transfer.


Bernd Hoffmann, PhD, Institute of Complex Systems, ICS-7, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

Dr. Bernd Hoffmann received his PhD in Biology in 2000. After finishing three years of post doctorial work in the United States in 2003, he started working at the Forschungszentrum Jülich in Germany, where he is the Head of the biochemical and cell biological research labs at the Institute of Complex Systems. His main research interests are in cellular biomechanics and membrane fusion. He is one of the founders and the CEO of beniag, a company focusing on fusion-based liposomal carriers and molecule incorporation into mammalian cells. He owns various patent families and authored 80+ publications. Several new technologies and products developed by Dr. Hoffmann and the other beniag co-founders have been commercialized and are being used by many research groups and pharmaceutical companies.