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Data Acquisition and Analysis

Data Acquisition

Microscopy is used to evaluate the wound healing process. Depending on your focus of interest, this can either be done by using video microscopy, or by observing images at distinct time points (e.g., after 6 and 12 hours). The ibidi Heating & Incubation Systems enable live cell imaging with incubator conditions directly on the microscope.

Data Analysis

The Wound Healing ACAS Image Analysis solution evaluates 2D cell migration.

Use the ibidi Culture-Inserts to do your migration experiments. After acquiring the microscopy images, simply upload your data into your ACAS account and start the analysis job. Within minutes, you will receive a detailed report for download and further evaluation.



Reports with Analyzed Data Contain:

  • Cell-free area in % (percent scratch closed)
  • Cell-free area in µm2 (scratch open area)
  • Cell-covered area
  • Speed of wound closure (available ≥ 2 images)

Statistical analysis of a complete experimental series