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Data Analysis

Chemotaxis and Migration Tool

The Chemotaxis and Migration Tool provides various graphs and statistical tests that allow advanced analysis of chemotaxis data. The tool is freely available here.

After cell tracking, the cells‘ paths can be plotted and analyzed for chemotactical effects. The simple to use microscopic calibration system provides access to a variety of chemotaxis parameters. A set of statistical tests complete the software package.

Optionally, all data can be exported for further analyses. With a complete set of migration data, the user is able to quantify chemotaxis and random migration.

The Chemotaxis and Migration Tool, together with the μ-Slide Chemotaxis enables users to analyze in minute detail the effect of drugs on the chemotactic behavior of cells.

Chemotaxis Parameters

To quantify chemotaxis and migration, several values can be generated by using the Chemotaxis and Migration Software Tool. The most important parameter is the Forward Migration Index. A second is the center of mass. Both of these values are a measure of directed cell migration. A third value is the directness, but this may not necessarily indicate a chemotaxis effect.

Forward Migration Index (xFMI, yFMI)

The xFMI and yFMI represent the efficiency of the forward migration of cells, in relation to the x- or y- axis. The larger the index on an axis, the stronger the chemotactic effect is on this axis. For simplification, it is assumed that either the x-axis or the y-axis is parallel to the direction of the chemotactic gradient.

For simplification, one can also define a direction parallel to the gradient (║) and a direction perpendicular to the gradient (┴). By this, one value for the FMI ┴ , and one for the FMI║, is created.

Center of Mass (Mend)

The center of mass represents the averaged point of all cell endpoints. Its x and y values indicate the direction in which the group of cells primarily traveled.


i is the index of the different single cells. The first cell has the index 1, the last one n.


index of the cells

Directness (D)

The directness (or directionality) is calculated by comparing euclidean and accumulated distance. It is a measure of the straightness of the cell trajectories. A directionality of D --> 1 equals a straight-line migration from start to endpoint.

Directness of one single cell

Averaged directness of all cells

Automated Tracking & Data Analysis

Chemotaxis Image Analysis is a crucial aspect in many research areas. Manual acquisition and evaluation of cell migration is time consuming and lacks in objectivity.

MetaVi Labs, the ibidi partner for quantitative image analysis, is currently developing an analysis solution to quantitatively evaluate 2D chemotaxis and migration. This new image analysis solution will generate fast results, without the need for extra hardware or software. If you are interested in providing image data for automated analysis, we will be happy to include your data into our beta testing program. Your data will help to establish a robust and well-engineered chemotaxis tracking solution. For more details, please contact us at: [email protected].

Animated chart plot

Cell video with tracks