• Focus on the Essentials

    Focus on the Essentials

    The NEW Glass Bottom Dish 35 mm Provides High Quality Imaging in a Standard Format

  • Freezing Medium

    Get Extremely High Recovery Rates

    Find the Best ibidi Cell Freezing Medium for Your Cell Type

  • Slide VI 0.5

    NEW: µ-Slide VI 0.5 Glass Bottom

    Combine the Excellent Optical Properties of Glass with the Refined ibidi Channel Geometry

  • Culture Inserts

    Culture-Insert 2 Well | 3 Well | 4 Well

    Explore the NEW Variability in Wound Healing, Migration, and Invasion Assays

  • Fuse-It mRNA


    Membrane Fusion – The Alternative to mRNA Transfection

  • Immunofluorescence Assays

    Immunofluorescence Assays

    ibidi Offers New 3 Well and 8 Well Removable Chamber Slides

New products

  • An 8 channel cell counting chamber compatible with the Roche Cedex® XS Analyzer Replaces the former Roche product Cedex Smart Slide package (15 x 8 measurements) (05 650 801 001) Fast and easy cell counting and analysis

  • A DMSO-free, cell freezing medium especially for sensitive cells Lowest cytotoxicity—compatible with sensitive cells Extremely high recovery rates With Bovine Serum Albumin