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Optical Oxygen Measurement There are 3 products.

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  • Versatile system for measuring the oxygen concentration in cell cultures or tissues Ideal for in vitro hypoxia conditions in 2D or 3D cell culture (e.g., tumor models or metabolism studies) Non-invasive and real-time measurements Fast measurement within seconds High spatial resolution System includes: Optoelectronic hardware and software for generating...

  • A device that combines imaging and OPAL oxygen measurement on a fluorescence microscope Easy, automated switching between two different light sources (e.g., the OPAL light source and the microscope fluorescence light source) Compatible with established microscope types Integration with imaging software possible

  • Adapter Set for the OPAL Optical O2 Measurement System For mounting the OPAL System onto different microscopes Customized for your microscope and your imaging requirements Set consists of: adapter for OPAL LED light source, adapter for OPAL detector unit, filter set

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items