• Coverslips for sticky-Slides

Coverslips for sticky-Slides

Polymer or glass coverslips that can be mounted to all sticky-Slides

  • Polymer coverslip available in an ibiTreat tissue culture treated version or in an uncoated version
  • Glass coverslip made from high quality D 263 M Schott glass, No. 1.5H (170 +/- 5 µm)

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Cat. No. Description Pcs./Box
10812 Coverslips for sticky-Slides: # 1.5H (170 µm +/- 5 µm) D 263 M Schott glass , 25 mm x 75 mm, unsterile 100
10813 Coverslips for sticky-Slides Uncoated: # 1.5 polymer coverslip, hydrophobic, 25 mm x 75 mm, unsterile 100
10814 Coverslips for sticky-Slides ibiTreat: # 1.5 polymer coverslip, tissue culture treated, 25 mm x 75 mm, unsterile 100

Technical Features:

  • Flexible for various applications
  • Glass may require coating to promote cell attachment
  • Unsterile


  Polymer Glass
Geometry 25 mm x 75 mm 25 mm x 75 mm
Thickness 180 µm 170 µm +/ 5 µm
Material ibidi
Standard Bottom
D 263 M Schott glass, No. 1.5H

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