• Clamp for sticky-Slides
  • Clamp for sticky-Slides

Clamp for sticky-Slides

An instrument that securely fastens sticky-Slides to coverslip bottoms

  • Creates optimal adhesive bond between sticky-Slide and coverslip
  • Applies homogeneous force for tight sealing - no leakage
  • Easy to use

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Cat. No. Description Pcs./Box
80040 Clamp for sticky-Slides 1
80041 Adapter for sticky-Slide 8 Well 1
80042 Adapter for sticky-Slide I Luer 1
80043 Adapter for sticky-Slide VI 0.4 1
80044 Adapter for sticky-Slide Chemotaxis 1


  • Custom-specific bottom materials in combination with ibidi sticky-Slides
  • Coverslips with specially treated surfaces in combination with ibidi sticky-Slides

Technical Features:

  • Adapters with magnetic positioning for convenient handling
  • Sterilization with alcohol possible


Clamping force 1.2 kN
Available adapters sticky-Slide 8 Well
sticky-Slide I Luer
sticky-Slide VI 0.4
sticky-Slide Chemotaxis 3D
Material Anodized aluminum, plastic
Sterilization Alcohol

Dimensions of Compatible Coverslips:

Width 75 mm
Length 25 mm
Thickness 0.1 – 1.0 mm
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