• µ-Slide VI<sup> 0.5</sup> Glass Bottom
  • µ-Slide VI<sup> 0.5</sup> Glass Bottom

µ-Slide VI 0.5 Glass Bottom

A 6 channel µ-Slide with a glass bottom suitable for immunofluorescence assays and for flow experiments

  • All-in-one chamber that simplifies immunofluorescence protocols
  • Homogeneous cell distribution over the channel surface, regardless of handling practices
  • Cost-effective experiments with small numbers of cells and low volumes of reagents
  • Perfect cell imaging thanks to the low thickness variability of the coverslips’ glass (# 1.5H)

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Cat. No. Description Pcs./Box
80607 µ-Slide VI 0.5 Glass Bottom: # 1.5H (170 µm +/- 5 µm) D 263 M Schott glass, sterilized 15


Technical Features:

  • 40 µl channel volume, which saves on reagent consumption
  • No. 1.5H High Precision D 236M borosilicate glass coverslip
  • Fully compatible with high resolution fluorescence microscopy
  • Easy connection to existing tubes and pumps via female Luer adapter
  • Defined shear stress and shear rate level
  • Also available as a µ-Slide VI 0.4 with a Polymer Coverslip Bottom


Adapters Female Luer
Volume per reservoir 60 µl
Number of channels 6
Volume of each channel 40 µl
Height of channels 0.54 mm
Lenght of channels 17 mm
Width of channels 3.8 mm
Growth area per channel 0.6 cm²
Coating area per channel 1.2 cm²
Bottom: Glass coverslip No. 1.5H, selected quality, 170 µm +/- 5 µm

Define and print your experimental setup

All-in-One-Chamber for Fast Immunofluorescence Protocols


ibidi Polymer Coverslip versus ibidi Glass Bottom:

ibidi Polymer Coverslip

ibidi Glass Bottom

Optical properties

Refractive index (nD 589 nm) 1.52 1.52
Abbe number 56 55
Thickness #1.5 (180 µm) #1.5H (170 µm)
Material Microscopy plastic D 263M Schott borosilicate glass
Autofluorescence Low Low
Transmission Very high (even ultraviolet) High (ultraviolet restrictions)
Birefringence (DIC) Low (DIC compatible*) Low (DIC compatible*)

Other aspects

Surface modifications ibiTreat – tissue culture treated
Uncoated – hydrophobic
Only glass
Protein coatings Compatible Compatible
Gas permeable Yes No
Material flexibility High Low
Breakable No Yes
Applications Fluorescence microscopy TIRF and single photon

* Special glass DIC lids for µ-Dishes and open µ-Slides are available separately.

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