• Custom Specific Flow Slides and Channels

Custom Specific Flow Slides and Channels

µ-Slides with custom-specific channel geometry and height

  • Develop your own geometry!
    If you are interested in a custom specific solution please contact us directly.


  • Create channels with your own particular characteristics
  • Use as a microfluidic workbench
  • Cell culture flow applications 

Technical Features:

  • Format and material based on µ-Slides
  • Additional materials possible, like glass coverslips, silicone designs, permeable membranes, or electrodes
  • Channel height and widths available in different dimensions
  • 2 x 3 Luer adapters in fixed positions


Adapters Female Luer
Volume per reservoir 60 µl
Height of channels 0.05 - 0.6 mm
Width of channels 0.1 - 10 mm

Several Possible Variations


Developed Format

µ-Slide III 3in1

Cedex Smart Slide

The Cedex Smart Slide was developed in cooperation with Roche Innovatis AG for the Cedex XS Cell Analyzer.

The Cedex XS Analyzer combines fast results with a high image quality. Just 10 µl samples are required for a single analysis. In addition to cell concentration and cell viability, cell diameter and aggregate analysis are performed and displayed using histograms.

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