• µ-Slide VI<sup> 0.1</sup>
  • µ-Slide VI<sup> 0.1</sup>

µ-Slide VI 0.1

A six channel µ-Slide for parallel flow assays and immunofluorescence that uses a minimal amount of reagents and medium

  • Perfect for rolling and adhesion assays on cell monolayers or protein coatings
  • Minimal amounts of cells and/or liquids needed
  • Medium-to-high shear stress that is applicable with small volumes

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Cat. No. Description Pcs./Box
80666 µ-Slide VI 0.1 ibiTreat: #1.5 polymer coverslip, tissue culture treated, sterilized 15
80662 µ-Slide VI 0.1 Collagen IV: #1.5 polymer coverslip, sterilized 15
80661 µ-Slide VI 0.1 Uncoated: #1.5 polymer coverslip, hydrophobic, sterilized 15


  • Flow assays that use a minimum of cells and/or liquids (mouse model)
  • Parallel shear stress applications
  • Immunofluorescence microscopy after perfusion
  • High-resolution microscopy of cells under shear stress

Technical Features:

  • Six parallel channels on one slide
  • Small sample amounts
  • A low dead volume
  • Smallest ibidi channel slide with highest shear stress
  • Easy connection to tubes and pumps using a female Luer adapter
  • Defined shear stress and shear rate levels 

Not for use in static cultures



Adapters Female Luer
Volume per reservoir 60 µl
Number of channels 6
Volume of each channel 1.7 µl
Height of channels 0.1 mm
Length of channels 17 mm
Width of channels 1 mm
Growth area per channel 0.17 cm2
Coating area per channel 0.34 cm2
Bottom: ibidi Polymer Coverslip

Define and print your experimental setup

HUVEC, cultivated over 7 days at 10 dyn / cm². VE-cadherins are stained in green, cell nuclei are stained in blue.

Adhesion Assay

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