• Chemotaxis Image Analysis - WimTaxis
  • Chemotaxis Image Analysis - WimTaxis

Chemotaxis Image Analysis - WimTaxis

A web-based, quantitative image analysis of chemotaxis assays with automated tracking of label-free cell lines and bacteria in phase contrast

  • A complete solution for chemotaxis experiments - only a few steps from sample preparation to image analysis
  • Objective and reproducible analysis
  • Easy and fast data processing - results within hours
  • No more manual cell tracking
  • Available in two different modules: Cell Tracking and Bacteria Tracking

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Cat. No. Description Pcs./Box
30003-1000 WimTaxis Quantitative Chemotaxis Cell Tracking Image Analysis, 1000 videos 1000
30013-1000 WimTaxis Quantitative Chemotaxis Bacteria Tracking Image Analysis, 1000 videos 1000


  • Tracking of cells or particles in time lapse records
  • Image analysis and quantification of 2D chemotaxis assays
  • Quantification and data interpretation of bacterial chemotaxis

Chemotaxis Image Analysis is a crucial aspect in many oncology-related research areas. Manual acquisition and evaluation of cell migration is time consuming and lacks in objectivity.

Wimasis, the certified partner of ibidi for quantitative image analysis, developed an analysis solution that quantitatively evaluates chemotaxis and migration. Because there are differences between the migration characteristics of adherent cells and bacteria, there are special modules for adherent cell and bacterial chemotaxis analysis. The Image Analysis solution generates fast results, without the need for extra hardware or software.


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Only 4 Steps From Sample Preparation to Image Analysis

First, perform your cellular chemotaxis experiments, using either either the µ-Slide Chemotaxis 2D or µ-Slide Chemotaxis. For bacterial chemotaxis, the protocol must be adapted accordingly. Next, simply upload your data to the image analysis platform and receive a summary of results, via E-mail, usually within hours. You can then download the detailed results*.

WimTaxis makes an accurate detection of both cell and bacteria movement in chemotaxis assays. It tracks cells and bacteria and provides their trajectories throughout the video. Just choose the WimTaxis that best fits your assay needs, such as WimTaxis-Cell Tracking or WimTaxis-Bacteria Tracking, and then get your analysis done fast and consistently.

*Test your own data first, with a free trial, to make sure that your image quality is sufficient for this type of analysis.

Analysis Data Contains:

  • Cell tracking positions with animated trajectory plot
  • Forward migration index (parallel and perpendicular)
  • Cell video with tracks
  • Track and center of mass statistics

For further analysis, data can be imported into ibidi's Chemotaxis and Migration Tool.

  µ-Slide Chemotaxis 3D


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Chemotaxis Image Analysis
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