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  • Syringe Pumps

Syringe Pumps

Syringe pumps for flow assays, offered by ibidi
in cooperation with KD Scientific

  • A broad range of syringe pumps for varied applications and budgets
  • Accurate delivery of fluids for the laboratory environment
  • Easy to use through a touch screen user interface

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Cat. No. Description Pcs./Box
10940 Syringe Pump KDS 100: Infuse only, 1 syringe 1
11970 Syringe Pump Legato 100: Infuse only, 1 syringe 1
11971 Syringe Pump Legato 101: Infuse only, 2 syringes 1
11968 Syringe Pump Legato 110: Infuse/Withdraw programmable, 1 syringe 1
11967 Syringe Pump Legato 111: Infuse/Withdraw programmable, 2 syringes 1
11972 Syringe Pump Legato 130: Infuse/Withdraw, 1 syringe 1
11969 Syringe Pump Legato 180: Infuse/Withdraw programmable, 2 syringes 1
11956 Syringe Pump Legato 200: Infuse only, 2 syringes 1
11957 Syringe Pump Legato 210: Infuse/Withdraw, 2 syringes 1
11958 Syringe Pump Legato 210 P: Infuse/Withdraw programmable, 2 syringes 1
11959 Syringe Pump Legato 270: Push/Pull, 4 syringes 1
11960 Syringe Pump Legato 270 P: Push/Pull programmable, 4 syringes 1
11980 ADAGIO Software for Legato Pumps 1


Depending on experimental requirements, different pump solutions can be used.
Learn how to identify the ideal pump for your experiment.

KD Scientific syringe pumps provide an accurate delivery of fluids for the laboratory environment. The series is divided into an economical line of unidirectional infusion pumps, and a high-end line of syringe pumps that have the capability to infuse and withdraw. Minimum and maximum flow rates depend on the size of the syringe being used.

Infusion Pumps

KD Scientific infusion pumps are ideal for the delivery of accurate and precise amounts of fluids to a multitude of applications. These include the injection of calibrant into a mass spectrometer or reaction chamber, the long-term drug delivery to animals, and general infusion applications.

Infusion / Withdrawal Pumps

Infuse and withdraw capabilities provide maximum flexibility to a variety of applications, such as the automatic withdrawal of samples and the unattended filling of syringes at very low flow rates.

Push / Pull Syringe Pumps

These proven KDS pumps provide simultaneous infusion and withdrawal with opposing syringes on a single drive. Each one has been modified to hold an additional syringe, allowing one syringe to infuse, while the second one simultaneously withdraws.


The ADAGIO –Software is for Legato Pumps only.

Technical Details:

For detailed information on the individual syringe types, please contact us directly. 

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