• Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer
  • Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer

Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer

A self-adjusting microscope used for non-invasive 3D cell imaging

  • User-friendly—no special sample preparation, no bleaching, and infinite live cell imaging
  • Cell-friendly—label-free, no cell swelling, no photocytoxicity, and no genetically modified cells
  • Discovery-friendly—self-adjusting, holographic and tomographic microscope, quantitative 4D data, and comparable with other complementary technologies

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Cat. No. Description Pcs./Box
73501 Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer: Tomographic Microscope for 3D Cell Imaging, STEVE Application and Analysis Software 1
11922-N Nanolive-ibidi Gas Incubation System for CO2 and O2: Nanolive-ibidi CO2 and O2 Gas Mixer, Humidifying Column 1
11920-N Nanolive-ibidi Gas Incubation System for CO2: Nanolive-ibidi CO2 Gas Mixer, Humidifying Column 1
10918-N Nanolive-ibidi Heating System for 1 Chamber: Nanolive-ibidi Temperature Controller, Heated Plate in Multi-Well Format for 1 Chamber, 1 Heating Insert, with Heated Lid 1
73510 High Performance Desktop PC with preinstalled STEVE software 1
75311 On-Site Installation and Training 3D Cell Explorer 1


Instruction Manual Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer (PDF)

Product Flyer

3D CELL EXPLORER - A revolutionary Tomographic Microscope to instantly look inside Living Cells in 3D
Detailed Information (PDF)
Short Information (PDF)

Sample Preparation 3D Cell Explorer (PDF)


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Please visit http://nanolive.ch/faq/

The 3D Cell Explorer is a non-invasive microscope that can instantly image cells and tissues in vivo and in 3D without any stain or label. Through a combination of holography and rotational scanning, the system precisely measures the distribution of the physical refractive index (RI) within the cell (in 3D and time-lapse). Thanks to its completely self-adjusting optics, the best imaging results are always guaranteed—whatever the environment.


  • Single cell morphology, kinetics, and dynamics (e.g., cell death, remodeling, migration, adhesion, or cellular tracking)
  • Cellular interactions and reactions (e.g., drugs, viruses, bacteria, or nanomaterials)
  • Stain-free histology and histopathology (e.g., tissues morphological analysis, 3D tissue characterization, or cancer diagnosis)
  • Stain-free cytopathology
  • Cell’s metrics


Resolution Δx,y = 200 nm;
Δz = 500 nm
Field of view ~80 μm
Depth of field ~30 μm
Tomography frame rate 0.5 fps 3D image rate with full self-adjustment
Objective air with 60x magnification, low power laser (λ=520nm, sample exposure 0.2mW/mm2)
Accessible sample stage 60 mm of free access to the sample stage for sample manipulation

More detailed information and example images are available on the Nanolive website.

The system is compatible with the following ibidi µ-Dishes:

The system is compatible with the following ibidi µ-Slides:

Please note:
The access of the 3D Cell Explorer to the µ-Slides and µ-Dishes is limited to the center of the slide/dish.


STEVE Software:

STEVE is the 3D Cell Explorer’s software. The STEVE intuitive interface is used to control the microscope in real-time. Explore your data using interactive digital stains and perform quantitatively analysis on your measurements.

Click here to learn more about the STEVE software.

Top Stage Incubation System:

The Nanolive-ibidi Incubator is a specifically adapted system for the 3D Cell Explorer, and is designed to offer high quality, long-term imaging conditions.

The proven Nanolive-ibidi Heating System and Nanolive-ibidi Gas Incubation System offer ideal environmental conditions for live cell imaging by providing an accurate control of temperature, humidity, and pH for long-term experiments.


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